Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bitching At Google About Blogger's Composer

Dear Google:

Apparently you think your Blogger works JUST FINE.  That seems apparent because you don't give any mechanism to bloggers to complain about it.

So, let me clue you in.  BLOGGER's COMPOSER SUCKS!

Yes, I composed this.  But I want to compose in Word and then publish from there to Blogger.  That became impossible when you broke the mechanism a few years ago.

All right. I want to compose in Google Docs and publish from there to Blogger.  Impossible.  For some IDIOTIC REASON, you never enabled that feature.

In order for me to show a Google Doc article in Blogger, I have to Embed it, and of course THAT SUCKS TOO, because many blog layouts don't accommodate the necessary screen size to show the document properly.

I want to cut and paste from my Email composer Thunderbird into Blogger.  That is utterly BRAINDEAD.  It loses all the images.  Don't worry, I have bitched at Mozilla about that too (and any Thunderbird developers can consider these comments as MORE well-deserved BITCHING.

WTF is wrong with you developers?  Can't you grok the simple reality that I want to use the tools I have become used to, and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to accommodate them in the mechanisms that earn you billions of dollars in ad revenue, like blogs made on Blogger.

Even when I email to blogger it screws up the formatting of the document.  And God Help Me if I try to edit that screwed up formatting in composer.  Blogger provides no mechanism to undo spans that float right, etc, so I have to go into the HORRID HTML editor to do that.

Speaking of which, your HTML editor SUCKS TOO.  Look at the FREE editors that show matching tags, like notpad++ and JEdit.  Why don't you borrow some code from them and do it right.  HELLS BELLS, even Chrome's "Inspect Element" does a good job of that.  Why don't you put that into Blogger's HTML editor.

Blogger SUCKS.  Fix it.

Bob Hurt.

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