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Responsible Liberty Requires Identification and Neutralization of Tyrants

We have a federal constitution that declares principles of limited (responsible) liberty for people by defining and proscribing certain powers for government and guaranteeing certain minimum rights of people and their states.  In concert with other organic laws of the USA (Articles of Confederation, Northwest Ordinance, and Declaration of Independence) the Constitution prescribes limited government power only for certain purposes, and leaves everything else up to state governments and the people of the states.

Some people in government wield their powers consistently in accord with the organic laws, and many do not. Most violate the organic laws when convenient to them or suitable to their personal purposes.

The American rebels responsible for those organic laws comprised only a tiny percentage of the population.  ALL of them ACTED to RESIST the TYRANNY of the British Crown.  And ALL of them RISKED their life, liberty, and property, EXTREMELY, in so doing.  Many rebels and their supporters lost everything, including their  homes, families
, and lives.

We might think that we have managed to escape such a disastrous calamity, even though numerous calamities have befallen our nation and states since the American rebellion of 1776.  And those additional calamities have taken many more lives.

But none who fail to take action to RESIST TYRANNY can consider themselves "innocent."  By their inaction, they bear culpability nearly equal to that of the actual tyrants.

The statutory and common laws of our land help to regulate society so that people can freely go about their occupations and seasons of play and indolence as they see fit, so long as they don't injure others.  But when government actors undermine those laws by misapplying them, enforcing them selectively, or enacting and enforcing laws outside the scope that organic laws permit, the time has arrived to RESIST such evil laws and enforcements, despite personal risk.  Those who fail to resist thereby beg for the tyranny they receive as a consequence.

It should go without my saying that resistance becomes unnecessary if Citizens act timely to voice disapproval through protest and contact with legislators so as to guide them, to learn and become disposed to using the statutory and common law and rules of court, and select and elect good leaders.

But that becomes impossible when fully 25% of the population lacks the intelligence to make prudent choices in government, and another 40% lack the sense of responsibility.  Government has insanely granted suffrage to these irresponsibles, many of whom have through sloth become wards of the state.  Few of those have any motive to restrain government from theft of the assets of the industrious and intelligent.

In other words, the condition of America has deteriorated to the point that even if political machines did not rig the elections through irrepressible advertising and ballot box stuffing, the electorate has become too irresponsible to ask for or deserve responsible government.

A 2008 film entitled  The Baader Meinhof Complex tells the true story of a German terrorist group which Ulrike Meinhof, a leftist journalist, joined.  The group complained of the grander terrorism of the United States of America through its Vietnam war, and its apparently boundless aid to Israel in support of their incessant territorial struggle against so-called Palestinian Muslims.  They saw America as an "Evil Empire" for use of its military power to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people in no-win wars.

Maybe if I dig deeper I will find that Ulrike Meinhof accused the international bankers of financing both sides of every conflict in order to enrich themselves and to drive the warring nations into hopeless debt to themselves.  But Ulrike seemed to justify some of her spirit of resistance with the struggle of women to have a national political expression separate from their home life political struggles as mothers, and as wives of cheating husbands.  See her 1970 interview here.

Regardless of the depth and scope of her concerns for the welfare of innocent victims of America's wars, she participated in numerous killings, bombings, and rabble-rousing.  After her capture and trial, her jailors found her hanging dead in her cell in 1976;  three of her confederates died of alleged suicides on the same night in 1977.

We can take the Baader Meinhoff gang's persecution and deaths as lessons regarding the fate of terrorists.  And we can see it as the same kind of treatment the British handed to American rebels and the Union handed to Confederates in the War of Northern Aggression.

Either way, the reader might want to take note of these prophetic words of Ulrike Meinhoff:
"Throw a single stone and that is a crime. Throw a thousand stones and that is political action.  Set fire to a car and that is a crime.  Burn a thousand cars and that is a political act.

"Protest is saying 'I disagree with this and that.'  Resistance is saying 'I will put a stop to this and that.'"
Government will reprise with retribution, of course.  So resisters must prepare to SUFFER.

Consider the Baader-Meinhof philosophy:  TAKE ACTION and to hell with the consequences.  I don't agree with it because in the process it hurts many "relatively" innocent people (nobody is innocent, of course).  And the shotgun nature of it doomed it to failure and its leaders to ignominy and death.  I prefer the rifle approach that America's CIA and military (and someday its cops) use in its targeted smart bombing and drone strikes.  Identify the perpetrator and neutralize it.

I imagine that the people in Hitler's Nazi-controlled Germany generally enjoyed their everyday lives as usual and became prosperous, until persecutions of Jews and Gypsies started.  By then the tyrant had become so powerful that no one dared to rally in protest or to resist.  They thought they could make it through any ensuing ordeal without having to suffer.  But the allied forces proved otherwise.  The entire nation suffered terribly because the people of Germany did not resist Hitler's bigoted and insane tyranny.

As I see it, the USA, for all the sins of its leaders,
has many good qualities.  Generally, people can prosecute their lawful lives peacefully and without government interference.  We can travel the length and breadth of the land and travel abroad without mishap.  I have done so many times.

But I have heard many complaints about our governments from people in recent years, and seen many internet reports about people not so fortunate as I.  I never manage fully to learn both sides of the story, and so I feel reluctant to turn an accusing finger on the "government" or its operatives who merely do their jobs as righteously as they can. 

However, I feel wary about the incessant clamor of leftists to limit gun rights for responsible people, and about rogue law enforcement officers who operate like Mafia thugs, and about the widespread gang violence and carjackings, home invasions, and "knockout" brutality by Negro males, and the widespread cheating in elections, and about monumental waste by the military and welfare abuse by those living on the dole.  And I feel intensely uncomfortable about the rampant socialism in our government, coupled with unrestrained deficit spending that destroys savings through inflation.  And I loathe the malignant conspiracy between Government and the lending industry which destroyed property values in a massive land grab by banks and destruction of home buyer wealth over the past decade.

I disagree with all those things. More that that, I see them as harbingers of a condition where resistance has become futile. So I believe the time has come to RESIST them, and to do so EFFECTIVELY.  And that means the time has come to prepare to suffer. 

Preparation means devising and implementing ways resist and to avoid or avert suffering. Resistance implies having a target against which to resist.  How can one resist that which does not constitute an obvious or apparent, open threat?  Why should America see police, sheriff's deputies, and Homeland Security, the FBI, Treasury agents, etc., as a threat? 

I believe ALL Americans have the duty to support Government in performance of the roles mandated by the organic laws.  I believe all Americans have the duty to remove from government any and all who abuse their authority or power by engaging in acts that violate the restrictions of the organic laws. 

So, first and foremost Americans must learn the restrictions of the Constitutions and laws against government power, and how to use administrative process, the law, and the political process keep government in its box, so to speak.

And second, Americans must become alert to abuses of those restrictions and learn to identify and neutralize the individuals who engage in the abusive behavior.

Such neutralization could constitute effective resistance.  But the resister must either carefully calculate a way to neutralize without being detected, or to escape to a place of safety afterward, or simply to suffer and die as did all of the ringleaders of the Baader-Meinhof gang.  For without a doubt, the entity resisted will surely wreak vengeance on anyone attempting to limit the entity's power.

Let us face a reality here:  people in government who engage in unconstitutional acts while pretending to do lawful behaviors have in fact become both betrayers of public trust and criminals deserving of excision from Government.  If the citizen risks imprisonment or death or loss of property by reporting and seeking the prosecution of such criminals, then the citizen faces the choice of resisting in some other way.  Or, of doing nothing, like all the good people of Germany did as the Nazis murdered millions of Jews and eventually rampaged across Europe destroying property and conquering people.  That's right.  The good people of Germany did nothing as Hitler waged war against all its neighbors and against America.  They just did not want to suffer, so they put up no effective resistance.

How shall intelligent, educated, responsible Americans organize to identify and neutralize criminals in Government? WHAT resistance against the tyranny of those criminals can become effective? 

Should Americans begin resorting to Baader-Meinhof tactics?  Should they become specialists in the law and diplomacy? Should they rig elections and stand guard to keep derelicts away from the polls?  Should they master guerrilla war tactics and operate from underground burrows and tunnels like the Vietnam resisters did?  Should they develop Communist-like or Al Quaeda-like cells?  Should they offer bad guys in government an irresistibly "better" job?  Should they find a foreign base from which to operate?  How shall they find financing and accumulate effective arms and munitions?  Should they simply turn the other cheek as Jesus suggested for personal relationships and accept whatever fate the criminals in government want to hand them?  Should they stockpile food and other necessities and horde precious coins and gems?  If so, how shall they protect their valuables from marauding, murderous gangsters and thugs in and out of government?

Most of all, when does one's own wealth, family, and life become ripe for sacrifice to the cause of responsible liberty?

If YOU don't recognize tyranny, identify and neutralize the tyrant, and otherwise resist tyranny, who will?  If YOU don't organize resistance groups and efforts today, will it become too late to do so tomorrow?

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