Sunday, December 08, 2013

One-World Government - Inevitable? Or Impossible?

Doesn't it seem obvious that ONLY a one-world government will bring an end to wars?  Have we not yet learned that NATIONALISM incubates the sense of racial or national superiority that foments war?  Maybe our only resistance to it comes from the fear that that one-world government will have a totalitarian and evil nature.

Okay, what makes OUR government so evil that we could not justify its becoming a government over the whole world?  How about the corrupt, irresolute, or irresponsible nature of the INDIVIDUALS at the top of it?  How did those people get into those positions of power?  Ultimately through elections by irresponsible or corrupt voters, right?

How did corrupt or irresponsible people get the right to have a say in government?  I think it happened through the FALSE NOTION that "all men are created equal."  Why should an irresponsible, unproductive, ignorant person have the right to vote?

If society and law does not allow such people to drive a dangerous vehicle, why does it allow them to have a vote equal to that of a responsible, productive, ethical person?

How did our land come to have a population in which 25% lack the intelligence to graduate from high school (or vote sensibly), and another 50% lack the knowledge and responsibility to live honorably or productively?

What makes people think they have the right to force others to pay for the subsistence of the feckless and irresponsibility, or allow the feckless and irresponsible to vote?  How shall an enlightened populace cull its stupid and irresponsible members so that the rest of the population does not need to support them or grant them suffrage?

Would a culling program solve this problem of criminals getting elected and appointed to high positions in government?  Or would a eugenics program make more sense?

Either way, how would the responsible implement it over the objection of the irresponsible while the irresponsible have voting rights?

Don't the answers to the above questions lead us to understand why those who finance election campaigns and rig elections desperately want unchecked immigration and procreation of irresponsible people?

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