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So what do you think of cop-killing?

Lawmen, Lawsters, and others:


I hope you and your families enjoyed the Thanksgiving season.  I hate to interrupt your reverie, but someone pointed my attention to this video, and I want to know how you would answer it:


The narrator makes sound points about the danger of resisting the illegal behavior of police, bringing the viewer to reconcile him/herself to the fact that when confronted with an abusive policeman one must either submit to the abuse or resist.  He explains that effete resistance can become fatal, so the committed resistor must go ahead and kill the policeman.  That decision has caused a lot of deaths, and encouraging such resistance will probably result in many more and do little to curtail police crime.  I provided these comments to the above-linked video:


Government tends to become abusive in proportion to the percentage of irresponsible people in the population. The people buy Liberty with the currency of responsibility and vigilance. People must use the ideals of good government, law and rules of court, political activism, and community organization to implement eugenics systems and allow suffrage only to the responsible. ONLY THEN can they improve the quality of the electorate and consequently of government. GIGO: Garbage in, garbage out

Every voter and government employee swears an oath to support the Constitution of the US and (if pertinent) of the State of domicile. No law punishes violation of the oath except in the form of some crime. When balloting becomes meaningless by masses of ignorant and irresponsible voters who elect crooks, other citizens have no choice but to devise other methods of keeping crooks out of government and excise them from government.



I believe most non-criminals simply tolerate the police abuse, partly because they don't come prepared to escape or do battle.  If they fight the abuse through internal affairs, it takes years and they get nothing out of it without an expensive follow-up lawsuit.  All of that, including injuries by police, for which victims must pay medical costs, causes massive damage to the people and their productivity.  And this does not include the billions of dollars police steal in cash and contraband from citizens during traffic stops, raids, and arrests, both lawful and unlawful.


I refer to Government employees who perpetrate crimes or abuses of their oaths as "Gerps" and the illegal or unconstitutional behavior of Gerps as "Gerpitude."  The people should have no obligation to put Gerps through some kind of corrective process, nor to pay dozens to hundreds of hours of their time and anguish, and lots of money to hold the Gerp accountable in our ridiculously expensive courts.


I believe the ideal that citizens should summarily excise such Gerps from authority for each and every act of Gerpitude.  But as a practical matter, such excision efforts can become futile, costly, and fatal if the citizen does not execute them properly and wisely.


It seems logical to assume that one's lethal resistance to Gerpitude falls within the natural law and should fall within statutory law.  It follows that a single policeman illegally oppressing, attacking, robbing, threatening, or damaging the property or person of a citizen thereby incites his own assassination.  It also follows that the same applies to any Gerp, from the highest to the lowest, who exceeds constitutional and legal authority.  It applies to each and every Gerp for each act of Gerpitude. That one Gerp IS government over the citizen whom the Gerp confronts, or over whom the Gerp illegally imposes a condition through vote or issuance of order in any branch of Government.


Both the paragraph 2 of the Declaration of Independence of 1776 and Article I Section 2 of the Florida Constitution of 1838 acknowledge the right of "the people" in this kind of issue:


Florida Constitution of 1838 Article I Section 2 (echoing the Declaration of Independence of 1776 paragraph 2:

"Section 2. That all political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and established for their benefit; and, therefore, they have, at all times, an inalienable and indefeasible right to alter or abolish their form of government, in such manner as they may deem expedient. "


That includes the right to excise Gerps who have imposed or attempted to impose their own ultra-vires oligarchy upon the people or any member of the citizenry through Gerpitude.


Even so, this is no simple matter.  I see the truth about the use of lethal force against crooked police as fairly complex. 


1.   America contains a lot of extremely stupid and irresponsible people (at least a third and as much as half the population – 25% have IQ too low to graduate from high school). 

2.   Police have to become tough to deal with hardened criminals, particularly the stupid ones (the smart ones like Bernie Madoff don't cause much physical danger to police).

3.   Unfortunately, many policemen become corrupted, supplementing their official pay with bribes, kickbacks, protection money, and cash and contraband they steal from thieves, drug dealers, robbers, and other criminals.

4.   But the police come from the same corrupt population that elects corrupt politicians and tolerates or demands unconstitutional benefits.


So, quote me on this:


"America cannot fix its government until it fixes its people and its system of suffrage."


The video ignores that reality.  And so it ignores the solution:


1.   We (the people) simply cannot give the stupid and irresponsible the same unit voting power that we give other citizens. 

2.   We absolutely must elevate the quality of the gene pool – diminish the percentage of stupid and irresponsible in the population.


The narrator of the video focused only on "Cop-Killing."  I noticed the video has over 470 comments, many of which the narrator made in response to others, striving to convince them that his video told the truth.  It didn't.  It would make far more sense to preach to people about systems of voluntary sterilization of the stupid, irresponsible, and violently criminal so as to reduce the level of constant threat and intimidation that numbs police to the gentler, more sensible citizenry.  And it would make sense to diminish the percentage of say the stupid and irresponsible have in government by scaling the weight of their votes down in contrast to others.  That way we the people might elect more enlightened officials who will work to improve the quality of society and its systems of policing and governing.


Oops, did I just repeat myself.  Sorry, you'll just have to suffer through it till you start singing the same song.  Do your part and help the message of the two points immediately above go viral.  If a Korean can do it with Gangnam Style (even O'Reilly seems to love it) video and song that ONLY KOREANs can understand, surely we can get the point across in simple English:




"No suffrage and No procreation for the stupid and the irresponsible"


If you consider this too Draconian, slip the shoe of common sense on your other foot:


1.   Should it be legal knowingly to infect innocent babies with a disease that makes them mentally incompetent for life?

2.   Would you give your 8-year-old the keys to your car with instructions that it's okay to drive across the USA without supervision?


If you answered no to those questions, then you can embrace the above mantra.


Ultimately implementing that Mantra will go a long way toward ending the question of whether it's okay to kill abusive cops.  Someone PLEASE put it in an entertaining music video.






WARNING:  I do NOT function as  law practitioner, lawyer, licensed attorney-at-law, or legal advisor.  Construe my comments ONLY as speculation or general information, and NOT as legal advice for you or anyone else.  Consult a well-qualified attorney (good luck finding one) in all questions of legality or law.

Bob Hurt


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