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Appeal to Obamaites to Support Adverse Possession

Appeal to Obamaites to Support Adverse Possession

Adverse Possession Beats Socialism and Benefits All

9 November 2012 by Bob Hurt
For immediate and broad distribution and publication.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton:  WHERE ARE YOU WHEN a Oppressed Pastor needs you?

Regarding the above Florida Sentinel Bulletin article about Pastor Tami Robinson's battle against Hillsborough County Sheriff and prosecutor...I want to point out a few strangenesses to readers and appeal to their common sense interest in the common good.

I imagine most Florida Sentinel Bulletin readers voted for President Obama because they believe in Socialism. They believe in its benefits for impoverished, the helpless, the inept, the feckless, the hapless, and the disadvantaged, regardless of reasons. They don't mind that the able, the better off, the well-to-do, and the capable must pay for it.

Many readers support the idea of "rob from the rich and give to the poor" because so many come from relatively poor communities. Furthermore, many readers realize that people don't support this out of criminal motive. They support it out of desperation that they see in their own lives and the lives of others - in some cases racking, unavoidable, inescapable, desperate new-depression-era destitution.

Meanwhile, Florida contains over a million and a half vacant residences. Many have become neglected and abandoned in foreclosure, often vandalized and unsafe for the community, often bug- or mold-infested and unsafe for human occupancy. All become steadily worse.

Adverse possession means taking notorious (publicly visible), hostile (without permission), continuous possession of abandoned and neglected real estate, improving it, and paying taxes on it. During this time, the owner can come back and order the adverse possessor to leave. If the adverse possessor does not leave, the sheriff/police can, at the owner's demand, evict and arrest the adverse possessor for trespassing. At the end of seven years the adverse possessor gains total possessory dominion of the property, and the owner loses the right to have the sheriff/police evict or arrest the adverse possessor. The adverse possessor can file a quiet title action to get an order from the court to bestow full title upon the adverse possessor as rightful, legal and equitable owner of the property, and no longer an adverse possessor.

Adverse possessors can take possession of abandoned and neglected homes, clean them up, improve them, and live in them. They can enjoy the benefits of possession that the equitable owner enjoyed, including usufruct (harvesting and consuming/selling produce from the land).

Many adverse possessors could normally never afford to live in such nice homes as many mortgagors have abandoned in nice communities.  It turns out that the foreclosure victims couldn't afford it either. Adverse possessors keep the house tidy and free of mold and bugs, the yard mowed and clean, and the bushes trimmed, just as the actual owners might have had they stayed in the homes instead of abandoning them.

Thus adverse possession benefits the family, the house, the community, the owners (both the equitable owner mortgagor and the legal owner mortgagee), the tax collector, the home owner's association, the utility companies, and the sheriff/police department. NOBODY loses from adverse possession. EVERYBODY WINS.

Compared to raw socialism of the kind Obama embraces, adverse possession makes much more sense as a means of helping the downtrodden and disadvantaged. Adverse possession actually does good for foreclosure victims while costing those victims nothing. And when foreclosure goes through, the new owner or bank can leave the adverse possessor alone until the house sells to a new occupant. This costs the bank nothing. The adverse gives a FREE SERVICE to the bank and owner because the adverse possessor benefits by having a place to live inexpensively.

Given this set of circumstances, readers should wonder why the sheriff, police chief, and state attorney hate adverse possessors so much as to arrest and prosecute them for grand theft, burglary, breaking and entering, scheme to defraud, criminal mischief, invasion by false personation and other nonsensical crimes. Do prosecutors and law enforcers feel ECONOMIC JEALOUSY over the contributions Adverse Possessors make to the safety and prosperity of the community? Do government officials resent the fact that adverse possessors don't have to make house payments like government employees do?

If so, they need to get over it. After all, do the government employees freely go into abandoned homes and restore them to livable condition out of the goodness of their hearts as adverse possessors do? We all know the answer to that. Government officials are callous, don't care at all about the plight of foreclosure victims, and don't lift a finger to help them the way adverse possessors do.

If readers can support Obama's socialism that actually robs from one group to help another, they damned sure can and should support adverse possession, which robs nobody and helps everybody.

And, the Florida Sentinel Bulletin should sponsor an Adverse Possession Law Advocacy Group to which readers can donate toward legal defense of people like Tami Robinson, and toward obtaining declaratory judgments and injunctions that force sheriffs and police to leave adverse possessors alone as the Florida Statute 95.18 implies and Florida Constitution Article I Section 23 requires.

Tami Robinson needs the help of Florida Sentinel Bulletin readers and of residents in surrounding communities. Helping her can eventually help all adverse possessors. She and Samantha face an uphill struggle defending against bogus adverse-possession-related criminal charges by the Sheriff, and prosecuting her declaratory judgment lawsuit against the sheriff. She needs IMMEDIATE and COMPETENT financial and legal assistance. All area churches should encourage their members to contribute money and legal assistance to her causes, for her causes are their causes.

Anyone interested in learning more about adverse possession or in supporting or joining adverse possession efforts should subscribe to the Adverse Possession Law Advocacy Group mailing list.  To do that, send email to  Subscribers may visit the archives with a Google account.  The archives contain much beneficial information.

If you want to help eradicate official oppression adverse possession in Florida, DONATE GENEROUSLY to Pastor Tami Robinson's PayPal account:

“Send not to know for whom the bell tolls... it tolls for thee” John Donne

“I only want to hear silent money in that plate.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Charleston SC, 1966

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