Friday, September 23, 2011

Who won the Fox News / Google Debate?

Newt Gingrich won the Orlando debate of 20110922, of course.  Ron Paul a close second.  Cain a good third

The others acted way too smarmy, manipulative, or hungry.

But NONE of them addressed these tormenting issues:

  • Why the US still contains and supports 85 million stupid people.
  • Why government doesn't impose a minimum IQ level of 115 for all immigrants
  • Why government allows the stupid, irresponsible, dependent, children, and abysmally ignorant tovote
  • Why government ignores Art I Sec 10 gold and silver coin requirements, produces fiat money and allows fractional reserve banking
  • Why the US does not protect the states from oligarchies caused by integration of state bars into state supreme courts
  • Why the US won't push to preserve  grand jury powers to investigate gov't crooks throughout the states
  • Why the US won't rein in the IRS from abusive collection of income tax the people don't owe
  • Why government does not let people prosecute their own cases against criminals
  • Why judges and others have full or qualified immunity.
  • Why we don't have a goverment-owned and controlled banking system
  • Why government has not nationalized precious mineral resources and sold mining concessions
  • Why government has not sponsored crisis energy programs like water fracturing to produce hydrogen-oxygen gas for heat and electricity
  • Why the war powers act still applies
  • Why we let an illegal alien become and remain President

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1 comment:

MVickiP said...

to some degree I agree, I really think Newt would be great, but the baggage about the ex folllows hi, Cain is my man, is he electABLE IS ANOTHER question