Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Leftovers, Rumba Flamenco, Rain at Top of the World, and My Destiny

In case you wondered, I have not yet managed to achieve my long-quested terrestrial escape.  I have endured long enough to enjoy the subjects of this message in whatever time my Master of the Universe Destiny has afforded me. 

Zeke, the name I have affectionately given my Thought Controller, our Heavenly Father’s ineffable pre-personal spirit fragment, since I don’t know that I know his number, does not seem to mind that I just polished off some delicious, honey-and-cinnamon-drenched chunks of Elbe’s Papaya.  Nor that Maria distracted me with them even before she slid the below plate of Easter leftovers onto my desk.

You see there a partially gobbled hunk of ham, fresh garden green beans simmered with garlic, tomatoes, and onions, and in the background a mound of pureed sweet potatoes graced with a pinch of allspice and a double pinch of freshly ground cinnamon.  You can’t see the blob of orangish habanero hot sauce that makes that ham oh-so-interesting.  It sits on the other side of the ham.

Don’t worry.  My belly now churns that plate of food toward ITs destiny. Minus the plate, of course.

Maybe Zeke, nestled cozily in his Permanent Pilot’s Chair somewhere in my mind, likes my enjoyment of the gentle rain falling at On Top of the World, where Maria and I live in Clearwater, Florida.  He might get a kick out of the punctuations of thunder here and there, and the faint whining of evening traffic on US Highway 19 half a mile over the trees outside our third-floor condo, kind at the “top” of “our” world.  I have attached another, similar rain below in case you want to lean back in your easy chair and meditate to its soothing cacophony.


Meanwhile I arm-dance in my computer chair to the beat of Rumba Flamenco from Putumayo. Here's  a sample for your listening and jiggle pleasure.  Now get up and dance.

Jiggle Music

I imagine you want to know whether Zeke dances in my mind.  Well, I guess he does, figuratively, every time I take a step in the direction of the eternal destiny he has in store for me.  I step that way more often as the days roll by.

No, I don’t have much of an inkling about that destiny, but I believe (for now) Zeke wants me to address the masses about the nature of God and the power of sincerity to make us indistinguishably like him.  He and my guardian angels have kept me safe from harm and let me live through a number of mishaps and would-be disasters, so they have not finished with me here.

Have they? 


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