Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What to Do about the Stupid

This morning I listened to President Bush's UN speech. I agreed with it. He appealed to the basic goodness in people to reach out and help others while at the same time working assiduously to defeat terrorism. He mentioned many programs that are in play to accomplish this, such as the Monterrey concensus which seeks to eliminate protective tariffs and other trade barriers between nations, forgiving all debts to impoverished nations, encouraging the spread of freedom through developing republics (he called it democracy, but I knew what he meant), stomping out AIDS, improving the education of people worldwide, and so on.

One thing he neglected to mention, however, is the same omission that is plaguing America: the responsibility that must be commensurate with liberty.

Let us look briefly at the plague of liberty without responsibility.

The clearest example is found in the native black and Hispanic communities, particularly inner city areas, of America. The most profound example was revealed in Katrina-battered New Orleans.

Like the people of Haiti, the residents of America's Black and Hispanic communities typically have an IQ below 80, more than a full standard deviation lower than the 100 average IQ of Caucasians. They are born stupid. Their affliction is genetic.

When low-IQ teenage girsl are impregnated by low-IQ males, they produce low-IQ children. What is so terrible about this?

1. The parents are themselves children, and they make notoriously irresponsible and bad parents.

2. Because the parents are stupid, they are relatively unable to learn, to make wise choices, or to solve problems, and so they never stop being bad parents.

The children will perpetuate the stupidity because they are stupid, and there is no cure for stupidity.

4. Both stupid parents and their stupid children cannot compete for the better jobs or mates, so they have a high likelihood of resorting to crime and welfare abuse to get by.

Worst of all, it is both immoral and unethical intentionally and knowingly to inflict stupidity on another person, particularly a helpless child.
Let's say you're a high school student with a part time job and have an IQ of 115, just over the 110 level necessary to get you through college. Imagine yourself walking down the street, minding your own business, when up walks a street thug with a hypodermic needle loaded with a DNA compound that will render you stupid for the rest of your life. He injects you with the serum and that immediately lowers your IQ 35 points.

From then on, you start exhibiting behavior problems. You fail at most of the things you try. You quit high school. You involve yourself with the wrong people. You lose your job and can't find a decent-paying replacement job. You get angry and stay that way, blaming the world around you, particularly the smart rich people, for all your problems. You decide you want to have all the luxuries of life you see on TV and in the movies. People won't give them to you because you can't deserve or earn them, so you sign up for welfare, start swapping your food stamps for whiskey, cigarettes, and drugs. You start mugging people on the side for some extra dough. You begin to sell dope. You impregnate or get impregated by another stupid, criminal-minded indigent. You get caught for your crimes and imprisoned. You get out and have your baby (or the other parent does). You live in a matriarchal household that no man could tolerate. The baby has no father at home.

Obviously that little injection of bad DNA did a lot of damage, but do you imagine it is illegal?
It is if you do it with a hypodermic needle, but not if you are stupid. Then it is perfectly legal to do it with your penis or vagina: the serum is in the form of sperm or eggs.

We do not have political or social leaders who are forthright about the abominable, abhorrent, irresponsible liberty of stupid people to inflict innocent children with stupidity through such injections. The stupid are allowed to vote, so naturally politicians pander to them. The stupid are allowed to procreate without impediment or restriction, and, being stupid, they out-procreate the smart. By his lack of effective leadership and law enforcement, our President encourages the stupid to immigrate from Mexico and Central and South America to supply our farms and businesses with cheap labor.

It is not racial discrimination to point out that the most egregiously stupid and most troublesomely criminal people in America are identifiable by skin color - they are black or brown, and they are African or Ibero-American in genetic origin. There race is just a coincidence.

And the most profound example was revealed by Katrina. It effectively ripped the covers off the bed of the stupid people of New Orleans' welfare projects and inner city ghettos, and showed them to be a nest of parasites, indigents, welfare abusers, and criminals. More than 95% of them were black. More than a few took to the flooded streets to loot. More than a few jumped headlong into the crimes of robbing, mugging, murdering, sniping, and rampaging. Had the flood waters not impeded them, thousands more would have rioted and done their best to burn the city, just as happened in Watts back in the 60's. They are all angry because the nation did not promptly help them. They were all too stupid, hapless, feckless, clueless, and/or lazy to prepare for the inevitable destruction that has threatened New Orleans for decades.

Remember that New Orleans has been flooding regularly for centuries. It was flooded badly during hurricane Betsy, and damaged considerably by Camille. Destruction by hurricanes is nothing new. They knew it would happen. But they did nothing to prepare, being concerned only for their next welfare check, robbery, or drug deal, and barely scraping by on the low-paying jobs they could muster.

New Orleans is populated largely by stupid people. Even the cops are stupid, for they are required to be residents of the city in order to be members of the police. In general, only the stupid would live there, knowing the imminent danger that threatens them every year.
America's problem with its stupid residents is that they are accorded the same rights as everyone else, but our legal system has not mustered the courage to demand of them the same level of responsibility expected of the more intelligent people. In a sense, America's intelligensia has a responsibility to impose restrictions on the endemically stupid, just as it does on children. An intelligent child's main handicap is experience, and a properly educated child can quite often make much more sensible decisions than a stupid adult. In other words, experience does not help the stupid very much - since they are stupid, they will make mistakes, but fail to learn the right lessons, so they will keep making the same mistakes.

Maybe we need a dose of Earl Pitts in the white house. Somebody like Earl would snap a little common sense into the place. America simply cannot keep importing and breeding stupid people. The stupid cannot be educated sufficiently to enable them to become wise and worthy citizens. Stupid people cannot and will not evolve a superior civilization. As proven in the ex-European colonies of Africa, a stupid populace will destroy any superior civilization bestowed upon them. The upshot of this is that our government must curtail the immigration of the stupid and curtail the procreation prerogatives of the stupid.
  • The technology exists to sterilize fecund children till they are 21, the minimum age at which one can be expected to be a decent parent. Perhaps the age should be 25. According to insurance actuaries, anyone under that age is a high risk against good judgment and emotional stability.
  • The technology exists to sterilize all welfare recipients as a condition to their receiving a welfare check or food stamps - if they can't adequately care for themselves, then they cannot be expected to care for any children they procreate.
  • The technology exists permanently to sterilize the stupid, felons, the insane, and the habitual substance abuser. None of them should be allowed to procreate, for they will simple produce more of their kind.
The bottom line is that nobody with an IQ below 90 should be allowed to procreate a child or immigrate to America. We have the technology to implement a wise and benign eugenics program. We are derelicts for not using it.

America should not be a nation of dumbasses. We-the-people are dumbasses for allowing our legislature and president to continue ignoring their responsibility to protect us from an invasion of the stupid, either through procreation or immigration.

As illustrated in New Orleans, we are now reaping the harvest of our own widespread irresponsibility and laziness. Maybe we need a few more hurricanes to rip the bed covers off of our inner city ghettos so Americans can see how terrible is the genetic rot that infests our nation. People are impoverished because they are stupid. Our prisons, jails, and welfare roles are packed with stupid people. They are terrible burden on our society. The obvious conclusion we must eventually agree upon is that if they did not exist, they would not be a burden.

The stupid are free to procreate other stupid people. They do not excerise their responsibility to restrain themselves from breeding more stupid people. The financial and emotional burden on us will increase, and our liberties will continue to disappear to the extent that we allow the stupid to proliferate. Our president is right to show a tender heart and helping hand to those in need. He is wrong to ignore his responsibility to push for wise and benign eugenics programs that elevate the IQ of our gene pool.

I encourage the President, our legislators, and all Americans to make eugenics the number one thrust of the remainder of this millennium. Only three generations of rigorous and benign eugenics will be necessary to rid our nation of the bulk of its stupid people, without doing actual harm to anyone.

  • There needs to be a law prohibiting the injection of any unborn child with a serum that makes him stupid.
  • Our Congress and our president should require all recipients of American foreign aid to implement eugenics programs in their own nations so as gradually to eliminate the most defective and degenerate members of their gene pools, and to elevate the average IQ of their nations.
Then all the education the president wants to encourage in our states and foreign nations will do some good and bear some fruit. To do otherwise is to cast pearls before swine, and to sow seeds among the rocks.

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