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Julian Heicklen's Final Tyranny Fighter Report

Julian P Heicklen <>:

I read your report (attached) and enjoyed learning about your FIJA efforts. I write to comment on some of your comments.

  1. How to beat the Chief Judge.

    1. You can beat judges who prohibit handing out flyers by attacking them in with out-of state federal judges and with citizen initiatives and legislation.  You cannot beat them by getting arrested for handing out flyers UNLESS you can bring so many people to the courthouse that the deputies/marshals cannot possibly arrest them all.  Halloween is the best day for this is Halloween because in Florida (see Florida Statutes Chapter 876) that's the one day you can lawfully wear a disguise that hides your identity.  All protestors must leave their wallet and ID card at home, of course, and refuse fingerprinting if arrested.

    2. It is not illegal to hand out flyers on public property so long as you don't harass others in the process or impede the proper functioning of the court.  Meanwhile, nobody keeps you from dropping flyers from a drone or getting people to wear informative t-shirts and magnet signs on their cars, etc.
  2. Whether to beat the Chief Judge - this issue raises the question of why judges don't want jurors to get FIJA flyers.  To get to the heart of it you must do some research and use some reasoning. 

    1. Why Gov't Stripped Juries of Powers.  I proved that the Florida Constitutions changed in the civil war era to remove the power of grand juries to investigate all felonies (now they investigate only capitol crimes), and petit juries to judge the law as well as facts, and of crime victims to prosecute crimes personally ("private prosecution").  Nothing explained why those changes happened, but common sense points to a good reason:  Negroes having voting rights.  These days U.S. Negroes have an average IQ of 85, the level needed to graduate from high school.  Thus, one half of our Negroes are too stupid to graduate.  To me that means they are too stupid to vote or sit on a jury.  The OJ Simpson murder trial proved that it makes no sense for Negroes to serve as jurors without some restrictions other than failure to have registered as a voter.  The 15th Amendment gave Negro men the right to vote, the 19th extended that right to Negro and other women, and the 26th extended it to children 18 and over. 

    2. How to fix the problem. All of those amendments were completely stupid and should never have become ratified without imposing further qualifications such as having at least a high school diploma, having passed a constitution competency test, being financially self-sufficient (not subsisting on welfare), and being of good moral and ethical character.  When judges and lawmakers discovered that hopelessly ignorant and irresponsible voters could populate juries, they stripped from "the people" much of their jury rights.  And that is why it makes no sense to buck against the judges today without first getting legislation enacted to impose upon prospective voters the obligation to prove themselves responsible, educated, law-abiding, and well-informed.  I personally believe that we have  corrupt legislatures because we have a corrupt, incompetent, ignorant, and irresponsible electorate.

  3. Deporting Mexicans and Muslims -

    1. Trump Should Do It. This would be an excellent move on Trump's part.  I refer, of course, to deporting all Muslim non-citizens, alien and otherwise, whether or not refugees, and all undocumented aliens, Mexican and otherwise.  Illegal aliens have no valid reason to be in the USA and they take jobs Americans should have.  They also encourage a black-market economy which diminishes tax revenues.  Muslims, whether peaceable or violent, constitute a grave danger to the US and its people because all Muslims support Shari'a law and want it to supplant our constitutional republic, and they all give financial support directly or indirectly to Jihadists.  SO Muslims are enemies of our constitutions.  The President should hammer Congress for legislation requiring all Muslim citizens to swear an oath disavowing loyalty and support for any form of Shari'a, and also say "Hell NO" to anchor babies, and push the legislation through  Congress to outlaw it. 

    2. Deportation Difficulty Leads to Gas Chambers? - What an idiotic notion.  The USA is not run by a Nazi government like pre WWII Germany was.   Trump's desire to deport illegal aliens and non-citizen Muslims is practical common sense and it does not compare to Hitler's deportation of Jews out of racial hatred. Federal law enforcers CAN determine the country of origin of illegal immigrants and forcibly return them.  Congress should impose upon all foreign countries the obligation to pay for the deportation costs.  Routine deportation and the difficulty thereof does not lead to gas chambers.  In the US, prison or work camps constitute a practical alternative to deportation, if the Government has the spine for it.  No matter how you cut it, undocumented entry into the US is a crime and it should be prevented, not merely prohibited, and illegal aliens should be unceremoniously tossed out of the land.Protests do not cause laws to change unless the laws are practical and morally right, or unless the government is corrupt.

  4.  Prison Populations.  The US has a lot of people in prison because it contains a lot of stupid and criminal people, and many of them chose to sell drugs for a living instead of having lawful jobs. 
    1. Stupidity. 80 Million people comprising 25% of the population are too stupid to graduate from a proper high school and gravitate to crime and welfare abuse to get by, robbing the productive in the process.  The only solution is to diminish the percentage of stupid people in the population, and the only humane ways to do that are to sterilize the stupid (because only stupid people don't know that the stupid inherit their stupidity from parents), and meanwhile to encourage the average and smart to have large broods of children.  In its effect it seems racial because many Negroes and Mestizos would get sterilized because the stupid constitute such a large percentage of their gene groups.  But that is just tough titty, so to speak.  Remember though that the stupid in the USA comprise about 35 million Caucasians, 21 million Negroes, and 24 million Mestizos, so it includes a lot of "white" people too.  Bottom line, reduce the percentage of stupid people in the population and you reduce the prison population.

    2. Drugs.  The prison populations will not reduce until street drugs become legalized and taxed at a rate high enough to discourage use and low enough to make black market dealing unprofitable.  Slamming the borders and coastlines and airways shut to immigrants, and properly inspecting inbound cargos will help prevent the smuggling of drugs into the country.
  5. Guns and the 2nd Amendment.
    1. The 2nd Amendment guarantees to "the people" the right to keep and bear arms.  "The People" includes responsible people with a nexus to government, not every human being within the borders of the USA.  "The People" does not include felons, those adjudged mentally incompetent, children under 18 (16 in Vermont), or illegal aliens.  And "arms" does not include any destructive device one might want to carry, drive, or haul around.  Congress has specifically limited the meaning of people and arms with respect to the Constitution's 2nd Amendment.

    2. It goes without saying that public officers will not intentionally set up or allow a circumstance that will encourage destruction of government through armed rebellion or insurrection.  But in fact Congress has said exactly that in laws against rebellion and insurrection.

    3. Yes, Negroes and Islamic Jihadists (agents of AlQuaeda/ISIL) across the USA have increased their boldness in the outrageous murders of Negroes, law enforcers, and innocent citizens.  Felons, other irresponsibles, and Islamic terrorists commit most of those murders. 

    4. YOU, like an IDIOT, encourage  Americans to murder judges because you think all of them are corrupt.  But you offer no reason to believe that all judges are corrupt.  I personally believe most of them try their best to do a good job, and I denounce your efforts to get judges killed.

  6. Fix the electorate and Grand Juries.  Americans should work assiduously to propose and get legislatures to enact laws heightening the requirements of education, intelligence, self-sufficiency, sanity, and lawfulness for becoming a voter. strengthening the juries by restoring jury powers, and making it easier for citizens whom judges and prosecutors have abused to report the evidence and crimes to grand juries free of influence by the courts and prosecutors.  Americans should work to reinstate private powers of prosecution of criminal defendants when US Attorneys and State Attorneys and Attorneys General refuse to prosecute those in power who should be prosecuted.
Please stay in Israel.  America doesn't want you back.

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