Friday, April 25, 2014

Nailing Foreclosure Defense Malpracticers, and other Busy-ness

Indeed, a huge difference exists between business and busy-ness.  You make or plan to make money with the former.  You don't expect to make squat with the latter, but it does take up a lot of time and energy.

For example:
  • Studying website and SEO technology (like "responsive" html5 Wordpress and Dreamweaver code)
  • Figuring out how to get my antique, sluggish Galaxy S2 smartphone to stop croaking
  • Baking Oregon Trail sourdough bread and Hearty Guiness Stout Beef Stew
  • Driving down to the VA to get a cataract removed (how can a kid like me have one of those?)
  • Struggling with my HP Photosmart 8050 inkjet printer's clogged ink cartridges
  • Installing the snazzy new UBUNTU Studio 14.04 beside Windows 8
  • Helping Vinnie install Windows 7 on his friends' laptops
  • Loading up and testing a bunch of operating systems and Repair systems on a USB FlashDrive
  • Uncorrupting my condo building's layout and resident spreadsheet so others can maintain it
  • Trying to hone a razor edge on my Buck 119X Bowie knife so I can actually shave with it like in the movies
  • Studying Russian Spetsnaz and Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga fighting technology
  • Clearing out tons of email and social media items
  • Revising a Mortgage Attack Questionnaire to make it easy for Mortgage Victims to get help
  • Answering several calls every day to explain how mortgage victims can beat the lender AND get money back from their malpracticing foreclosure pretender defender lawyers
  • Watching late-night flicks
  • Lollygagging with and loving up my precious Maria
I haven't become THIS busy since I worked for a living.  And now I do all that free, except for a bone someone might toss me now and then out of pure PUPPY LOVE.

Wobbly Woes, I have let myself become "interrupt-driven." And sometimes I handle things several interrupt levels deep, dealing with interruptions of interruptions of interruptions.  And that means major projects have won short shrift - projects like writing articles that desperately need someone to write them, and building income-earning web sites.

And, in case you wondered, I have let the legal community get away with cheating foreclosure victims for a decade now.  These DAMNABLE foreclosure pretense defense lawyers take clients who feel desperate to save their homes from foreclosure.  Instead of looking in the mortgage documents for causes of action against the lender or lender's agents, the lawyers use cookie cutter pleadings from other lawyers and past clients to whine to the courts about foreclosure irregularities and about frivolous nonsense that only delays the inevitable loss of the house.  They lead clients to foreclosure final judgment like lambs to the slaughter, and meanwhile they shear those clients like sheep, fleecing them $250 to $1000 or more a month.

Well, every one of those lawyers has a prime location on my SHIT LIST.  I plan to help their shorn sheep turn on the shearer and demand their money back.  The key lies in finding the causes of action in the mortgage.  Then I'll explain the basis for suing the lawyers for the related negligence we call legal malpractice.  And I'll show how to rip into those crooked lawyers with bar complaints.  And believe it or not, I'll do all that without practicing law or giving legal advice.  Stand by and watch.  I have devoted much time to study in preparation.

I'm hoping to start a general collapse of the foreclosure pretense defense industry within the next year.  And I hope to see a few pretender defenders losing their bar licenses.  Who knows?  Some might even do a little jail time.

THAT issue will provide the pulp for my next article. Soon thereafter will arise a web site devoted to encouraging a generalized foreclosure victim attack against the crooked foreclosure pretense defense legal industry. 

And life will seem complete here at the western rim of MirthWood, On Top Of the World.


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