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Only ONE Method Saves Mortgagors' Homes

Only One Method Saves Mortgagors' Homes

By Bob Hurt, 12 February 2014.  Distribute freely.

As anyone should know by now, ONLY a comprehensive, competent mortgage examination can yield a report sufficiently useful to attorneys and mortgagors in defeating bankers and their agents who have cheated borrowers.  Myriad THOUSANDS of court cases and trustee actions have resulted in mortgagors losing their houses to foreclosure because the borrower could not defend against these truths:
  1. The mortgagor borrowed the money.
  2. The mortgagor agreed to repay it or forfeit the collateral to discharge the debt.
  3. The mortgagor breached the note by failing to make the agreed timely payments.

Many fake loan and securitization and chain or title auditors and foreclosure defense attorneys scam mortgagors into buying their useless services in the hope of saving the house from foreclosure sale. Statistically NONE of those efforts work, and the mortgage victim always loses the house.

Only ONE methodology constitutes a generic solution that actually has more value than its cost because it gives a perfect negotiating/lawsuit tool to the mortgagor:

Mortgage Examination

Bob Hurt of Mortgage Attack ( recommends the ONLY tool that provides foreclosure and other mortgage victims a reliable means of beating the lender and agents soundly and permanently for injuring the borrower.  The examination service is perfect for attorneys, and for mortgagors, whether or not they face foreclosure.  Furthermore, it gives any mortgagor the same case knowledge advantage as a lawyer, so the mortgagor can use it to negotiate settlements on his own.

This case knowledge in the examination report SAVES mortgagors from foreclosure.  And it costs less than  1/4 of what an attorney would charge IF the attorney had the competence to do the work.

And competence comprises the central issue here.  According to Mortgage Attack's research results, the firm that does the examinations has dozens of years of WINNING litigation experience in criminal and civil cases, and at least 7 years in applying the principles to mortgage examinations. Competent in tort, mortgage, contract, foreclosure, banking, and criminal law, Mortgage Attack's recommended service provider examines all of the client's mortgage-related documents from inception to present time and to FINDS THE CAUSES OF ACTION in them against the lenders, note assignees, and related agents (mortgage broker, appraiser, title company, servicer). 

With a mortgage and appraisal examination report showing these causes of action in hand, the mortgage victim, ideally with but sometimes without the help of a competent attorney, can negotiate settlement or sue and win foreclosure offsets, financial compensation, loan cram-down, favorable settlement, and sometimes the house free and clear. 

Numerous court cases like Brown v Quicken Loans resulting in multi-million-dollar awards for mortgagors prove the effectiveness of this methodology. 

  • Fight the foreclosure and lose; 
  • Fight the mortgage and at least have a chance of winning financial benefits.
It's that simple.  Mortgagors can only win reliably by proving the lender or agent injured them.

Contact Mortgage Attack for Assistance with YOUR Mortgage

If you have an underwater loan or you face foreclosure, you have the perfect motive to get your mortgage examined as the FIRST STEP in obtaining a beneficial settlement with the lender or prevailing in a lawsuit against the lender and lender's agents.

Contact Mortgage Attack now for help.


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