Thursday, January 23, 2014

Well-meaning Patriot learns about the Lunacy of Birth Certificate Bonds

Redemption theorists and others, you might find this email conversation beneficial.



what do you know about accessing the birth certificate bond?  i hear everyone talking about it, but, i am wary of everyone. Thousands of FRNs to teach it.

Waylon Wingnut


Dear Waylon:

Everyone talking about (but not laughing at) the Birth Certificate Bond or related Bonded Promissory Note idea needs a reality check.  Don't heed those bozos.  You could go to jail.  You would waste your time and money on multiple bogus legal theories and processes that do not work and simply paint a target on you for the FBI.  Discharging a financial obligation with a BC Bond constitutes BANK FRAUD, a federal felony.
Send me the idiots who promote that BC Bond nonsense.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn something useful study these:

  • LEARN how to litigate. 
  • Learn to use firearms safely and to keep them safe but handy. 
  • Set up equipment, food, money, escape routes, and safe harbors/houses for emergencies. 
  • Join and participate in militia activities, but stay away from freaks and bozos. 
  • Participate in elections and political campaigns to get the bozos out of office and replace them with people who have done the above.
  • Educate your family and fellows in the above.
THEN you'll know something truly worthwhile.

Tell others to heed the above and subscribe to my Lawmen group.  Forward this email message to everybody you know.  It will encourage each to get the head out of the ass and keep it out.

With warmest regards,


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