Thursday, September 05, 2013

Why Foreclosures of Crooked Mortgages are Valid

by Bob Hurt, 5 September 2013

People often fight like crazy to save their homes from foreclosure EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW they breached the terms of the note and must forfeit the collateral, the house, to foreclosure auction.  That seems only fair, if the mortgage loan has validity.

But what if it doesn't? What if lenders or agents cheat 90% of mortgagors at the inception of the loan?

You cannot expect the foreclosure attorney, plaintiff, defense attorney, or judge to point this out.  And if nobody points it out, the mortgagor in default can, must, and will lose the house, except by agreeing to an onerous loan modification.  That makes foreclosure of crooked mortgages valid. Consider why:
  1. The judge operates like a bus driver who follows legal directions in the form of pleadings, motions, objections, notices, etc.  They don't dream up and present those to themselves.  Litigants must do that.

  2. The plaintiff and plaintiff's attorney will never jeopardize their case by admitting "Hold on, Judge, the original lender cheated the mortgagor by lying about the value of the house and fraudulently inducing the mortgagor to get that loan."

  3. The foreclosure defense attorney (right, YOUR attorney) makes money by selling loan mods and bilking the client (YOU) out of a monthly fee, pretending to do you a favor by keeping you in the house as long as possible while filing frivolous arguments with the court:  bifurcation of the note from the mortgage; wrong plaintiff; securitization; bad chain of note ownership; vapor money; etc.  Your lawyer will do nothing to upset the flow of gravy from his gravy train (you), even if the lawyer has to engage in legal malpractice to do it. YOUR LAWYER KNOWS the INEVITABILITY of your FORECLOSURE SALE:  you will lose the house, that's all there is to it, and the lawyer knows it.  So that lawyer will never tell the court "Judge, you cannot allow this foreclosure because the lender cheated my client at the beginning of the loan process."
Why WON'T the foreclosure pretender defender EVER inform the judge that the lender cheated the mortgagor?  Simple.  The pretender NEVER BOTHERS TO EXAMINE THE MORTGAGE for evidence of causes of action underlying the loan.  So he can rightly claim "Hey, I didn't know THAT" to you, as the judge signs the Writ of Possession to have you evicted and thrown on the street.


You could lose your home because you don't know the lender cheated you. If you face foreclosure or lost your house, you could qualify for financial compensation, or your house free and clear, or both, if you ONLY EXAMINE YOUR MORTGAGE for CAUSES OF ACTION against the lender or lender's agents.

90% of all mortgagors could prevent foreclosures with that simple method.  Unfortunately NO mortgagors have the skill to examine their mortgages.  But I know the ONLY professional mortgage examiner in America with such skill.  Many of his clients have saved their homes from foreclosure and obtained favorable settlements including favorable refinancing or their homes free and clear.

If this interests you, call me and learn how you might obtain the same benefits.  I'll explain everything, and put you in direct touch with the Chief Examiner, absolutely FREE.

Incidentally, I suggested in the title I'd explain how crooked mortgages validly go through foreclosure.  Here's the reason:   NOBODY TELLS THE COURT ABOUT THE CROOKEDNESS.

Let me show you how badly intentionally ignoring mortgage fraud has affected the smallest state.


The above-linked article depicts the failure of a Rhode Island court judge to HALT 800 VALID foreclosures.  The US District Court there ordered him to lift the injunction because all of the foreclosure victims DESERVED FORECLOSURE.  The federal judge thinks it just plain WRONG to stop the banks from getting their money back on non-productive loans on which mortgagors defaulted. 

I agree with the judge and so do you.  Right is right.

That remains true even though the lender or lender's agents CHEATED 720 of those 800 FORECLOSURE VICTIMS (90% of them) at the inception of their mortgages.

Why? Because NOBODY reported the lender's tortious conduct, contract breaches, and legal errors to the court.

Why? Greed, in spite of the revelation at (Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Report) that government colluded with lenders in predatory lending that destroyed homeowner equities and caused massive numbers of foreclosures across America.

AND, if NONE OF THOSE FORECLOSURE VICTIMS examine their mortgages for causes of action, ALL will LOSE THEIR HOMES, even though upwards of 90% could save them.

BUT, If you face foreclosure or loss of your home, or EVEN IF YOU DON'T, you can CALL ME to learn precisely how you can gather the evidence that the lender or agents of the LENDER CHEATED YOU, and present it so as to stop the foreclosure or receive compensation for your injury.
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