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Do Leftist Politics Constitute Genocide?

Do Leftist Politics Constitute Genocide?

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I have read the leftist pulp entitled 8 stages of genocide, and I have reviewed the human gene situation in America.

I have concluded that some forms of genocide make sense.  Remember the movie "Alien?"  There's no question that those aliens were dangerous to humans and would commit genocide against humans, given the chance.  In the movie, it was "us" or them.  So, "we" nuked their planet to kill them off.  Unbeknownst to "us" one of them had impregnated one of "our" women.  So maybe the aliens survived and will wipe "us" out someday in moviedom.

As an example closer to home, America no longer needs a slave class of people who cannot fend for themselves.  Earlier or more primitive societies might have killed those slaves off.  America didn't because it seemed so inhumane, not to mention racist.  But it made sense for the purposes of advancing civilization. 


Note that I do not take issue with any particular racial group, but rather with an intelligence-based class of people that constitutes a net burden on the rest of society because of predictable and benignly preventable gene type defects like low intelligence inherited from low-intelligence parents.


I calculate that the USA contains around 75 million people with IQ below 85.  These people lack the cognitive ability to graduate from high school and they make notoriously wrong choices in life.  Millions more don’t graduate because of conditions at home or generally irresponsible natures.  Census figures show the US has 315 million people.  I estimate percentages:  67% Caucasian (212 million); 13% Negro (41 million); 5% Asian; and 15% (47 million) non-white Hispanic. Average IQ distribution: Caucasian 100, Negro 84, non-white Hispanic 90. I estimate these racial groups have these numbers below 85 IQ.


·         Caucasians – 16.7% = 35 million

·         Negroes – 51% = 21 million

·         Non-white Hispanics – 40% = 19 million


These defective people are real people and deserve opportunity to achieve to the extent their handicaps allow.  But an inordinate number of them in the population causes serious civilizational problems.  And so, society should limit their numbers by humane, benign means.


As the most benign means, the constitutions of the land should mandate sterilization of everyone who cannot graduate from high school (IQ below 85).  Why?  Because a society has the right to perpetuate its average and best genetypes, and to eliminate the rest.

Because Lyndon "Jumbo" Johnson pushed through the same kind of leftist laws Obama pushes through, many if not most of the utterly stupid and irresponsible have voting rights and can even run for office.  That guarantees we will have bad government, and it explains why we now have it.  The irresponsible dramatically out-procreate the responsible.  The responsible now die out from attrition.  That situation has come about from communist inspired "equality," women's liberation that led to pressures that drive responsible women to leave home and husband and children to work for a living, so now they don't procreate enough to sustain the gene group.

THAT CONSTITUTES GENOCIDE.  I mention the GENOCIDAL nature of laws that protect the least fit, just in case it doesn’t seem obvious to you.  To the end of such obviously intended genocide, leftist megalomaniacs (alpha males) like Lincoln, FDR, Johnson, Clinton, and Obama (along with their delusional supporters in Congress and the courts) have precipitated a critical decline of smart people in America through GENOCIDAL POLITICS.  That has numerous negative side effects.  To name just a few:

  • Lowers the average intelligence
  • Reduces national value of productivity (GNP)
  • Makes the nation less competitive against smarter nations in Europe and Asia
  • Reduces the overall standard of living in America
  • Destroys families and family values by causing rampant divorce and fatherless children
  • Robs the productivity of responsible members of society (through muggings, burglaries, street crimes, welfare abuse)
  • Horrendously burdens infrastructures of courts, police, health care, public housing, prisons, schools, welfare
  • Makes productive people hate government for robbing them

IN self-defense the smart and quasi-smart MUST MOBILIZE and ACTIVATE to get government to mandate the following to prevent genocidal attrition of the responsible, and the consequent doom of our civilization:

1.       sterilization of the irresponsible; and

2.      denial of suffrage to the irresponsible.

If you need to return to the roots of suffrage to get the point, recall whom the colonial governments allowed to vote:

  • white adult free landed male citizens

That limitation constituted a kind of IQ and responsibility test.  The stupid and irresponsible couldn't develop the ability to acquire land.  But today society has no literal slavery, so even the abysmally stupid walk free, and laws allows suffrage to the stupid, to children between 18 and 21, to women, to welfare recipients, and to people who have never read and don't understand the constitutions.

America needs to return to its roots and slam the door on voting privileges for the irresponsible.  Before whining about this, take note that the states already mostly prohibit voting to felons, aliens, children under 18, those judged mentally incompetent.  I simply propose a more "inclusive" prohibition.

Law of Survival of the Fittest (SOF)

I bring up SOF now to point out the GENOCIDAL nature of that natural law.  The "fitter" have always killed off the "less fit" competitors/challengers, but allowed the "least fit" to survive as slaves.

American government, under the pressure of politically correct leftists like Stanton who wrote the genocide document referenced above, has not only liberated the arguably least fit of America (the slaves in 1865 and through subsequent acts), but has also created numerous laws to protect the less fit from the more fit.

As a consequence of the less fit and least fit becoming so numerous and having such voting power as to overwhelm the fitter at the polls, American government has begun an inexorable decline into unconstitutionality that robs from those of high-value productivity to feed, clothe, house, and give entertainment to those of low-value (if any) productivity.  That has, of course, lured many otherwise-productive people into the ranks of the unproductive, as an easier way to subsist than working for a living.

This proves a simple axiom:

Anytime a society defeats the brutality of natural law with legislation, it must find a less brutal way to retain the same benefits that the natural law provided, or it will extinct itself.

But America has not done this.  It has defeated every tool it once had to stop the inferior and defective people of the land from out-procreating the superior.

Ergo, our American civilization has begun a decline into 3rd world status that will never stop unless THINKING, USEFUL Americans start heeding the lesson of SOF and the above axiom.

SOF brutally killed off inferior gene types through competitive or internecine wars.  American law now protects and actually encourages propagation of inferior gene types.  American law must start eliminating them again, through benign eugenics programs and denial of suffrage.  Otherwise America's civilization will decline further into ignominy, infamy, and third-world status.


As I have already written, I have concluded that some forms of genocide make sense.  It makes sense to kill off aliens determined to kill you, eat you, suck your life blood out of you like vampires.  And it makes sense to eliminate from the gene pool the inferior and defective types who will accomplish the same end through government, specifically through politically correct leftist politics and policies that protect the least fit without protecting society/civilization from them.

It makes no sense to kill off the average and superior (fitter and fittest), of course.  But that leftist politics and policies do precisely that through the power of genocidal, Communist influence in government.  Modern leftist politics in America differ from the politics of genocidal Communist murderer Pol Pot only in method. Pol Pot Khmer Rouge slaughtered millions in Kampuchea through butchery and starvation, focusing on the intelligentsia.  Modern leftists in America do it through genocidal laws and policies that discourage productivity and procreation by the fitter and fittest while encouraging sloth and procreation among the least fit.

The remaining prudent people of America can defeat this only by hard core political action that ends suffrage and procreation privileges for the irresponsible.  Act now to that end or fiddle while America burns into third-world ignominy.

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