Saturday, May 11, 2013

Benefits of Forensic Document Examination and Mortgage Fraud Examination

A forensic document examiner or "questioned document examiner" determines whether a document is genuine.  In mortgage and foreclosure issues, one generally recalls having signed the note, mortgage, and other documents.  But sometimes lenders, closers, or others alter documents after execution or forge signatures.  You might recall reading advertisements in which DocX or LPS offered lawyers the service of creating new "originals" for them to use in court.  Such actions can cause wide-ranging ill consequences for borrowers.  So it can make good sense to hire a forensic document examiner to inspect the questioned documents for evidence of forgery, counterfeiting, and post-execution alteration, and then to serve as an expert witness in court.

Note that the traditional mortgage fraud examiner or loan auditor cannot perform such an expert task because they don't typically examine original documents.  Even so, a mortgage examiner can often see from handwriting samples that someone forged the client's signature on mortgage-related documents in an attempt to fool the client and the courts.

The National Consumer Law Center,, offers a number of publications that consumers can search on-line or download.  It provides this document on hiring and using a forensic document examiner:

I recommend this document to all who question the authenticity of documents related to mortgages.

Note that some counterfeit originals may bear microscopic markings (micro-printing) left by the printer.  One can use an inexpensive digital microscope to examine originals for evidence of counterfeiting or tampering, and save the image for use in a court proceeding without the need to hire an expert.  But an expert might find other evidences and provide more convincing testimony.

For an example of micro-printing, use a jeweler's loupe to examine the signature line on the front of any check from your checkbook.  To the naked eye it looks like a line.  Under the loupe one can see that microscopic words "AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE" comprise the line.

Curtis Bagget has garnered considerable fame as a forensic document examiner.  See

For expert Mortgage Examination, contact for free discussion and connection to the nation's best Mortgage Fraud Examiners.

Remember that if you took out a single family home mortgage loan since the year 2000, you have about a 90% chance that the lender or lender's agents cheated you.  You ought to get your mortgage professionally and comprehensively examined because the causes of action can lead you to getting your house free and clear or substantial financial compensation for the financial injury you suffered.

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