Monday, March 04, 2013

Banks: fawning apology after wrongly foreclosing military

Banks Find More Wrongful Foreclosures Among Military Members

Here a see the detritus of a shark bank foreclosure feeding frenzy that devoured the homes of GIs in violation of federal law requiring judicial process even in non-judicial foreclosure states.

But still the media ignores the elephant in the room. The real cheating started with the predatory loan itself in upwards of 90 percent of single family mortgages over the past 15 years.

Recipients of the settlement money should use it to pay for a comprehensive mortgage and appraisal examination, then attack the lender for a proper settlement for the torts, breaches, and errors underlying the errors.

The exam report can give mortgage and foreclosure victims the perfect tool for extracting compensatory and punitive damages from the lender in court.

Call me if you want to know more. I can explain the process in detail and arrange an exam for you that may put you back in the financial driver seat.

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