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What if police favor whites over blacks?

What If Police Favor Whites Over Blacks?

Let us conjecture that police of all races favor whites over blacks, as 80% of the blacks and 48% of the whites in New York City seem to think (see below article).

Most NYC Blacks Say Police Favor Whites; Nearly Half of Whites Agree
A significant majority of New Yorkers say the Police Department favors whites over blacks, says a new The New York Times survey. That view, as widespread now as it was in 2001 when Rudolph Giuliani was mayor, is particularly prevalent among black New Yorkers, 80 percent of whom say the police favor one race over the other. Some 48 percent of white residents agree.

Concern about police favoritism comes amid intensified scrutiny of the department's extensive practice of stopping, questioning and, in many instances, frisking people. Last year, the police made nearly 700,000 stops; about 85 percent of the stops involved blacks or Hispanics. The poll found that a majority of black residents said the stop-and-frisk tactic had led to the harassment of innocent people, but most white residents viewed the practice as an acceptable way to improve urban safety. Among all New Yorkers, 48 percent said the tactic was "acceptable to make New York City safer," while almost as many - 45 percent - deemed the tactic "excessive." Most of those surveyed rejected Mayor Michael Bloomberg's chief rationale for the practice, saying they did not think that stopping and frisking suspicious people had lowered the crime rate or reduced the use of illegal guns.

New York Times

I have some questions about that.
  1. DO Police favor whites over blacks, or does it only SEEM that way?
  2. WHERE do police favor whites over blacks?  Only in NYC, or elsewhere?  Only in Northern or Eastern states, or all over the USA?  Only in densely populated areas, or sparsely as well?
  3. WHY do police favor whites over blacks?  Does it have to do with skin color or hair texture, or facial features, or with some other natural characteristic like excessive testerone in blacks, or generalized "black" behavior characteristics like clothing, style of walking, speech patterns, or does it have to do with social characteristics like a tendency to carry dangerous weapons, or could body odor have something to do with it?
  4. Does any set of facts explain or justify any favor police feel toward whites over blacks?
  5. Have police simply developed an unreasoned prejudice against blacks, or do the blacks they encounter actually provoke the apparently prejudicial reaction?
  6. Do blacks generally fear police more than whites do, and if so, do police detect that fear, and if so, does that trigger a police feeling of revulsion against blacks?
  7. Do whites have anything to fear from blacks, generally, that might evoke protective instincts from police?

I suppose I wonder most of all whether anything can correct whatever prejudice blights the police, or whether the facts of black behavior and interactions with each other and whites triggers those prejudicial feelings.

I believe average IQ has much to do with how police react to people of different races because low-intelligence people do not evaluate relative importances or solve problems very well.  American blacks have an average IQ of 84 in contrast to white average IQ of 100.

If we assume that police encounter people of every IQ level and race in about the percentage of time those exist in nature, then we can imagine that 20% of the people police encounter are black and half of those blacks have IQ so low they cannot graduate from high school.  By contrast, 65% of the people police encounter are white, and only 17% of those whites have such low intelligence that they cannot graduate from high school.  And those low IQ people behave notoriously stupidly, making many wrong choices about virtually everything in their lives, both privately and publicly.  Those wrong choices often constitute infractions of the law that attract law enforcer attention.

Now I imagine that police everywhere feel drawn to trouble spots - areas where many people break many laws or endanger public safety, justifying their arrest or some kind of police intervention.  If I imagine correctly, it seems only natural that police encounter a higher density of crimes among blacks than among whites, given the foregoing statistics.  Given that reality, I would say the police don't feel PREJUDICIAL favor for whites, but rather they feel entirely RATIONAL favor toward whites because whites exhibit a far lower density of criminality than do blacks.

As for the racial encounter rate of police, I imagine the higher density of crime among blacks has two effects.  First, police gravitate toward blacks because the community needs their law enforcement services more among blacks than among whites.  Second, the smarter blacks, like the smarter whites, tend to avoid crime scenes typical of ghettos - drunken brawls, gang violence, and random attacks for muggings, robbery, and expression of hatred.  In spite of any better way such smarter blacks dress and behave, they LOOK very much like the less smart blacks, so the police tend to target them even though they don't deserve it. 

That might constitute prejudice, but the honest observer can understand why it happens.  Unfortunately for smart blacks, they simply cannot become white in order to avoid such prejudice.  They can only try to stay out of sight of the police.

La Griffe du Lion pretty much put to rest any questions of black on white crime which might make police naturally suspicious of blacks around whites.  La Griffe wrote a mathematical analysis of US Government crime statistics in his 1999 article Crime in the Hood.  There he spotlighted the fact that black thugs prefer white victims.  He showed how government numbers prove that

  • blacks have 3 times the likelihood of committing a violent crime than whites,
  • blacks have 64 times the likelihood of committing a crime of violence against whites than vice versa, and
  • blacks have a 99% chance within any one year period of violently attacking a member of a white family of four living in an otherwise all-black neighborhood. 

Given the government's own proof of these points, I'd say that

  • whites abroad on the byways of America should become circumspect around blacks they might encounter,
  • the facts explain any favor police might feel toward whites over blacks, and
  • that favor does not simply boil down to racial prejudice.

Society can do only one thing to fix the problem of such favor:  ensure that future generations of Americans contain blacks of much higher quality than America now contains.

Why don't we civilization minders engage in national dialogue about how best to accomplish that?

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