Saturday, September 29, 2012

Many, many Galaxies DEEP in space 


The above article shows an image of Extreme Deep Space, a composite of 10 years of Hubble Telescope observation of a patch of sky.  It claims many galaxies whirl out there, far, far away.


This, of course, is nothing new to readers of The Urantia Book, published originally in English in 1955 by The Urantia Foundation, and now available in numerous other languages.  The Urantia Book contains 196 Papers and nearly 2100 pages.  The authors of the book refer to our world, planet Earth, as “Urantia,” which most readers pronounce “you-ranch-a.”



You can download a Windows Help File version of The Urantia Book here:


You can download a pdf, ebook, and audio version here:;


As to WHY you should download and read it, well, many reasons exist.  But with respect to THIS message, the book reveals the ACTUAL geographical layout of the universe of universes.  So if you read it you will know where all those distant galaxies fit into the grand scheme of our cosmography.  To that end, study these papers, which begin at the geographical center of infinity: - The Eternal Isle of Paradise - The Universe of Universes - The Sacred Spheres of Paradise - The Central and Divine Universe - The Seven Superuniverses - The Evolution of Local Universes - Physical Aspects of the Local Universe - Energy - Mind and Matter - The Constellations - The Local System Headquarters - The Seven Mansion Worlds - The Inhabited Worlds - The Spheres of Light and Life



The Urantia Book contains 196 Papers and nearly 2100 pages.  I have omitted from the above list all the papers that do not deal with the physical universe, except for the last which hints at the evolutionary destiny of our world.  The authors of the book refer to our world as “Urantia” (pronounced you-ranch-a).





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