Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tracking poverty


I found the slide show of graphs about 2010 poverty stats interesting.  They show that these percentages of various groups live in poverty.


·         15% of the population overall live in poverty

·         26% to 27% of Blacks, Latinos, and Amerindians live in poverty

·         People with Education living in poverty: 30% if less than a high school diploma; 5% if graduated from college.

·         Percent of Families with children and a single head of household living in poverty:  42% if female parent; 26% if male parent.

·         58% of the single-female-parent families with children live in or near poverty!


Clearly, it pays to get a bachelor’s degree.


Clearly, “Women’s Liberation” has produced monumentally disastrous and terrible consequences, for 58% of mother-headed families live in or near poverty.


Girls, I have just one question:  was it worth it to ditch your husbands, become intolerable for them to live with, or have babies out of wedlock?


Simply put, marriage is an economic institution formed for the purpose of creating and maintaining families.  It takes about 25 years to rear a child to maturity, get the child educated, employed, and married off.  So marriage is or ought to be a business that endures at least from the inception of the first child till the 25th year (approximately) of the last child’s life – typically about 30 year or more.  To undertake it mostly for convenient sex is unthinkable in this business model.  If you treat your marriage like a business, a true partnership for the above purpose, and you make it endure and strive with the ambition of accomplishing the foregoing purpose, they you will obtain a worthy business result.


For that reason, and the above statistics, I’d say many women need the equivalent of a cranial enema to flush out women’s liberation and replace it with common sense and more than a some civilizational business acumen.


In our civilization, fecund women belong at home birthing and nurturing children, and, during their children’s youth, doing standard home-making projects, manage the family budget and family’s internal affairs, manage the social and educational calendar, and if necessary managing any home-based enterprises while the husband goes out into the business world to earn the family living.  And families should be large enough to guarantee helpers in the family enterprise and accommodate natural attrition with a surplus of children, say 6 to 15 per family, based on what the family enterprise can afford.  Both parents should participate in training children to contribute to and manage the enterprise, and to fill in if parents suffer a disability or absence.


Who teaches this to their sons and daughters while Women’s Lib and similar movements work assiduously to undermine or destroy it?




Bob Hurt


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