Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let a Polygraph Boost Your Credibility

Let a Polygraph Boost Your Credibility

Scenario:  A white racist cop pulls you (a 60ish African American man) over while you drive at 5 miles under the speed limit in your new Lamborghini.  Although he stops you for “driving while black,” he cites you for “illegal U-turn.”  When you protest because you hadn’t done any turn at all for the past 10 miles, he and his sidekick drag you out of the car, beat you senseless with a night stick, and cite you for resisting arrest.  Three brain operations later you stagger into court facing face criminal prosecution which has dragged on for three years in what you consider the most corrupt county in America.  The state attorney and judge don’t seem to believe a word you say.  You sense that you will soon get carted off to prison, for your wife has divorced you for “non-performance” resulting from brain damage, you have lost your Lamborghini, foreclosure seems imminent, and you can’t afford another attorney because the last one bilked you out of your life savings and withdrew from the case.

Conundrum:  How will you ever get the court to believe you did nothing wrong?

Suggestion:  Why not get a polygraph to boost your credibility?  You know the cops won’t take one because they have lied over and over and over, starting with the two tickets.  A polygraph operates like another witness to your story.  It consists of a machine printout of your emotional reactions to a series of questions calculated to detect your veracity or lack thereof.  The printout shows whether you lied or not.  The examination takes about two hours and costs $500.  When you present this to the opposing counsel and judge, they will feel inclined to believe you and reluctant to rule against your version of the story because then they would have to answer for prejudice, malfeasance, incompetence, and/or corruption.

Example:   I spoke today with Brooksville, Florida police officer David Bryant, a 30-year veteran cop, skilled martial artist, and certified forensic polygraph examiner.  If you suffer from abuse by cops, judges, attorneys, or prosecutors who just don’t want to believe your story, give them a dose of credibility with your own polygraph exam related to the issue.  Contact David Bryant for Fast, Fair, Friendly service.

If you don’t live within convenient driving distance, you can contact Florida Polygraph Association at and find a polygraphist near you. 

Another Example:  One more thing:  SOME people reading this (sure, feel free to broadcast it to your mailing lists) have trouble getting your wife or your boss to believe you.  Maybe your wife didn’t believe you got a flat on the way home and couldn’t get it fixed till midnight, so you had a couple of short beers while waiting.  Maybe your boss didn’t believe that you had to take time off work to visit the pet dentist so you could get your dog new braces.  So, you might as well schedule a polygraph exam with David, especially if your boss laid you off or your wife tossed you to your buddy Fred.  They might let you back in if you prove you told the truth, and a polygraph exam could do that.

In fact, I jokingly say this to make the point that you don’t have to wait till someone calls you a liar.  You could come in early and surprise your adversary with a polygraph, without saying a word.  Your adversary might then become a friend who trusts you again.

You Can’t Fool It, So Don’t Lie. Of course, if you actually lied, stay away from David Bryant because you cannot fool him or his exam skills.  I asked him if becoming a polygrapher had improved his interrogation skills, and he said it had.  I asked whether it had improved his ability to detect that someone had lied to him in conversation, and he said not really.  He said that as a professional interrogator he had received training on how to read changes in mannerisms, body language, and physiology, and he could use such readings to guide him in the interrogation, helping him get at the truth.  But he pointed out that no (civilized) technique beats a polygraph for getting at the facts.

No, I did not ask him about waterboarding.  I don’t think you should either, not even in a phone call.

Expert Witness:  DO CALL him, though, if you need his service.  He will also become an expert witness regarding the polygraph he gives.  I did not ask his rates for that but I feel certain he does not include such expert witness service in the polygraph fee. 

Contact David:  Here I give you David Bryant’s contact information and notes from our brief phone call.  If you contact him tell him I sent you.  No, I don’t get a kickback.

David P. Bryant, Certified Forensic Polygraph Examiner

(The above email address photo -

813 977 4700

PNB 15016057

Tampa Palms Boulevard West

Tampa, FL 33647


·         Worked for Police since 1981.

·         Works for Brooksville Police firearms instructor, special activities.

·         Understand that in Florida we have no state licensing for polygraph examiners.

·         Florida Polygraph Association. –  – see certified examiners.

·         Dave has certification by FPA.

·         Knows how to conduct the polygraph examination.

·         Knows how to read, analyze, and interpret the results.

·         Has testified as expert in court.  Both clinical and polygraph examiner.

·         Willing to give public talks.

·         Person must set appointment via phone, and not merely show up.

·         Polygraph Exam takes 2 hours, costs $500.

·         The Exam tests on scientifically verifiable fact – events and actions, not emotions.



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