Friday, August 26, 2005

IRS Sued for Billions in Tampa

A few years ago, David Bosset of Spring Hill, Floridda, made history by being one of the few employers to win a $25,000 refund from the IRS for overpaying employee withholding tax. He won the refund by asserting his employees were resident citizens and a withholding agent by definition in the IRS code may withhold taxes only from the incomes of non-resident aliens.

Now Bosset has one-upped himself. On 31 May 2005, he filed a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit against the federal district court in Tampa, Florida, naming as defendants some IRS agents and the IRS as a private corporation. This is not a lawsuit against the government.

In the suit, Bosset alleges fraud by the IRS, and the 67-page complaint (available at proves it very thoroughly. It does not attack the IRS law (Title 26 United States Code) as either illegal or unconstitutional. It asserts that the IRS routinely defrauds people out of money by exceeding its authority, and conspiring to make people think they owe income tax when in actuality they do not.

Bosset provides a mechanism whereby others who have been abused by the IRS can join the lawsuit as plaintiffs. The cost is $500, a paltry fee for such a monumental opportunity to bring the IRS to justice for its many years of criminal abuse of innocent victims throughout America.

The lawsuit seeks $4 billion in punitive damages.

It's high time.

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