Sunday, August 30, 2015

Polygraph proves Lorenzo Bean INNOCENT of embezzlement charges

Lorenzo Lee Bean III
Lorenzo Bean has passed a formal lie detector test with flying colors!

Conclusion: Bean is 100% innocent of all embezzlement charges in Fauquier and Loudon counties.

Put this in perspective...

Commonwealth Attorney James Fisher used prosecutorial misconduct to manipulate a Special Grand Jury into wrongly indicting attorney Lorenzo Bean for embezzlement while Fisher likely had evidence that Bean's office manager Candace Fissell was the actual embezzler (had embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from Bean).  Judge Beck in Fauquier County, VA, Circuit Court dismissed the indictment for PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT 10 days ago.  And now Bean's polygraph test proves that Bean told the truth that he committed no wrongdoing in connection with the charges against him.

Fauquier news media leaders at the Fauquier Times Democrat newspaper wrote a biased articles referring to the prosecutorial misconduct as a mistake or technicality, thereby whitewashing the terrible due process denial that Fisher engineered.

Reporters and editors of and should find it quite easy to track and verify the rumor.  If no news item appears within a day or so (I just reported it to them), readers can reach only one logical conclusion: Faquier Times-Democrat and related web site owners have put themselves in the virtual employ of arch enemy of due process, empire-builder James Fisher - they thereby show that they have become his BITCHES (to put it nicely).

VOTERS OF FAUQUIER COUNTY - The time has come to recall James Fisher. This writer thinks Fisher should get fired, lose his bar membership, and spend a few years in prison.

Forward this message to everybody you know in Virginia.  Prosecutorial Misconduct is becoming a rampant plague against the innocent and the guilty there.

Leave your comments at the above linked fauquiernow article, and CHIDE the editors and reporters for convicting Bean by tainting potential jurors through their articles about the Lorenzo Bean case.

Bob Hurt


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Mary Dunn said...

This jurisdiction system, don't look out for the citizens in this country !!!