Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Perspective - should airline passengers intimidating attire?

Have Negro Thugs become the New Klan?

65 years ago the Ku Klux Klan terrorized Negroes with white robes and hoods, burning crosses, and klan pogroms  in which klansmen burned Negro churches and  hunted down, beat, and sometimes killed Negroes.  Most Americans correctly believe they did this out of residual resentment at the liberation of Negro slaves in the 1860's.

These days
many Negroes, exemplified by Trayvon Martin, wear intimidating, gang-style attire.  Most, whether they choose or not to admit it want to feel important and to intimidate others with their attire.  Their clothes seem to mean "I'm dangerous because I did jail time and I run with a gang of thugs, and I will hurt you if you get in my way or disrespect me."  Such attire consists mainly of
  • grossly oversized and baggy shirts and pants
  • hoodies (sweatshirts with hoods that disguise or hide the face of dark-complected people, particularly in shadows or darkness),
  • low-slung pants,
  • untied expensive tennis shoes,
  • sideways baseball caps,
  • dark sunglasses in non-brightly-lit areas,
  • gold caps on front teeth, and
  • bling (gaudy gold necklaces, bracelets, watches, and diamond ear pins)
  • the gang-thug gorilla walk (okay, this is not attire, but one often sees the walk with the attire).
Baggy clothing and low-slung pants typify impoverished jail prisoners because jailors remove the belts, and the ill-fitting pants tend to fall down, forcing the prisoner to hold them up with one hand, or frequently pull them up to keep them from falling to the ankles.  So many Negroes and Hispanics have done jail time that jailhouse pants have become culturally popular among both youth, and sometimes their parents, particularly those associated with street crime, gangs, and thugs. 

Sadly, many nice teens and preteens consider such attire "cool." Hoodies have become popular among teens of all races, but especially among gang members and thugs. 

Everyone knows or should know that thugs and gangs are dangerous, and over-sized gang-style attire constitutes a symbol of such danger.  Such attire says "I will hurt you in a hate-crime if I damned well please because I have no respect for myself or for your opinion of the symbology of my clothing, and I certainly have no respect for you."

Some hoodlum Negroes play the "knockout game" in which they try to use a single punch without warning to knock a Caucasian passerby out cold.  This compounds the intimidation of their gang-style attire and mannerisms.

In fact, La Griffe Du Lion in his 1999 article Crime in the Hood used sound mathematics and government statistics to show how Negroes have 3 times more likelihood than Caucasians of committing a violent act, and 64 times the likelihood of committing a violent act against a Caucasian than vice versa.  Maybe that remains true because America has at least 5 times more Caucasians than Negroes.  And maybe Negro thugs simply prefer Caucasian victims.  Either way, Caucasians have good reason to fear Negroes in general, PARTICULARLY those who wear intimidating, gang-style attire.

Airline owners and management know this, of course, so they have enacted clothing standards that exclude intimidating gang/thug attire.

US Airways Tells Black Passengers to Change Out of Jeans and Hoodies Before Boarding First-Class 12 Apr 2013 When McCraig and Miles Warren tried to claim their first-class seats on a US Airways flight, an employee told them to first change into more appropriate [?] attire, according to a federal discrimination lawsuit filed Wednesday. A ticket counter employee repeatedly told the Warrens, who are both black, that their jeans, hooded sweatshirts and baseball caps violated an alleged first-class dress code. As the complaint states: Doe employee informed plaintiffs that it was US Airways policy that everyone in first class is required to wear slacks, button up shirts and no baseball caps. Doe employee demanded plaintiffs to change from jeans into slacks, a button-up shirt and told plaintiffs to remove their baseball caps.
I don't know that such a lawsuit would prevail in a Florida court because Florida Statutes prohibit publicly wearing HOODS.  By implication, this includes all forms of intimidating attire.

Public place defined.
Wearing mask, hood, or other device on public way.
Wearing mask, hood, or other device on public property.
Wearing mask, hood, or other device on property of another.
Wearing mask, hood, or other device at demonstration or meeting.
Applicability; ss. 876.12-876.15.
Sections 876.11-876.15; exemptions.
Placing burning or flaming cross in public place.
Placing burning or flaming cross on property of another.
Exhibits that intimidate.
Wearing mask and placing exhibit to intimidate.
Sections 876.11-876.20; penalty.

Although the Wikipedia article cites a few exceptions, hooded klansmen no longer pose much of a threat to Negroes.  But, hoodie-wearing Negroes, typified by Trayvon Martin, certainly do intimidate the citizenry, simply by wearing hoodies.  The thugs among them certainly pose a threat to communities.  And, if you believe La Griffe du Lion, the citizenry has very good reason to feel intimidated by such attire as hoodies and low-slung pants because so many thugs who wear them prey on innocent citizenry through street crimes.

And it should surprise no one that people who look like thugs will receive the respect from the citizenry that thugs deserve - none.  Yes, it's a free country.  You can dress like a gang member or thug if you want to.  But don't feel surprised if a citizen who fears you shoots you for scaring the begeezis out of him.  And if you wear a hoodie while black, you should expect that people (especially first class flight attendants) will see you as a threat and a thug, and treat you accordingly.  See this for an example in Congress.

Give this commentary to your hoodie-wearing teens and tell them it's a wake-up call.  Dress like klansman thug, get treated like a klansman thug.  



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superflyTNT said...

Bob, while the airlines clearly have the ability to regulate a "passenger" the State of Florida cannot infringe upon the 1st Amendment right to freely associate. If one wishes to allign with a group they are free to do so. In fact there are many religions who require the covering of the head as part of the rites and rituals of said religions. Not to mention political speech is protected as well. I therefore must disagree with your summation sir. Pax aut bellum, MOLON LABE.