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How to Improve Obamacare

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Originally insurance was a community effort to aid those suffering a loss. Health insurance companies have gotten a stranglehold on the American People like the bankers do. The co-insured companies build huge monuments to their success, make charitable donations to look good, and pay large salaries while disqualifying risky clients thereby collecting premiums with less liability. They are primarily in business to make money. Poor people are left out.

When my wife got breast cancer, the company doubled and tripled our rates until we could not pay it. Now all companies either refuse her application or jack the rates even though she has been "clear" for over ten years.

So I reconsider the Supreme Court decision. Maybe the Supreme Court did a really good thing for Americans.


--------- Bob Hurt replies -------------


ALL of us will die, and most will sicken first, and no amount of Obamacare will fix that.  We now outlive our ancestors by a country mile BECAUSE of health care and better diet opportunities.  So who can complain that it costs money? 

It’s All about Personal Responsibility

We need to teach the young to save up for the eventuality of sickening and dying.  Had your parents taught you that, and had you heeded it, you would not complain about insurance rates.  You’d have cached away the money for your old age retirement, hospitalization, hip replacements (etc), nursing home, body disposal, and funeral service.  Yes, that’s a little expensive, but why should anyone pay for it but you and your insurer?

Insurance - A For-Profit Business

You know how insurance works, right?  You pay along till you get sick or injured, and the insurer has stockpiled the money to take care of you.  If you save up the dough yourself, you won’t need an insurer.  If you invest it wisely in productive investments, you’ll have a ton of money to care for yourself and leave for heirs.


So, you know well that insurance was NEVER a community effort.  It always constituted a BUSINESS where the insurer got rich and built an empire of buildings, offices, and employees selling the plan to whomever would buy it because the owners KNEW the buyers would never save intelligently on their own.

We Need A Nation of Intelligent, Responsible People

And you also know that if the average intelligence of people in the community rose 15 to 30 points, we’d have very few people so stupid that they never save for the eventuality of sickness, devastating accident/pestilence/natural disaster, and death, and that they live a reckless life guaranteed to bring on disasters and premature illness and death.  THAT would mean far cheaper insurance rates, wouldn’t it?  Because then those purchasing insurance would have fewer stupid people sucking benefits from the insurer.


All kinds of benefits will accrue from improving the average intelligence of nation, and lower insurance and health costs comprise just one benefit.


But, we must realize that even a good sense of responsibility does not help people who were born stupid.  No matter how responsible they want to become, they cannot evaluate relative importances and come to accurate, correct conclusions.  So they cannot make correct decisions, and cannot act correctly on decisions.  So, their lives become loaded with erroneous actions.  In other words, they behave stupidly.  And THAT causes them no end of trouble.  It leaves them unprepared for the exigencies with which even intelligent people have trouble.  So they cannot act responsibly, not even if they have a burning passion to do so.

Why Obamacare is Bad

Obamacare IS bad because it constitutes a tool for forcing the intelligent and responsible to care for the unintelligent and the irresponsible. 


It is bad, VERY BAD.  When Jesus encouraged his followers to love others and unselfishly, lovingly serve them, he did not say they should hold a gun to the heads of others and force them to serve the despicable and undeserving who refuse to serve others OR refuse to save money for inevitable future disasters.  Loving and serving must occur voluntarily by oneself, not at gunpoint.  And he did say “Don’t cast your pearls before swine, for they will turn on you and eat you and trample the pearls underfoot.”  That means people should not waste resources on those who cannot make proper use of them.  Some people must live in squalor and poverty because they choose it or haven’t the cognitive ability to climb out of it.  Others should feel no compunction to relieve those in squalor from their condition.

How Obamacare Might Become Better

I might suggest that Obamacare could become better if it required sterilization of those subsisting on welfare and too stupid or criminal to care for themselves.  At least that would prevent them from procreating more of their kind to become a burden on society and suck the insurance carriers bone-dry.


Maybe the insurance for the perpetually impoverished should cost a set of gonads.

Socialist Cancers

I consider Obamacare and Social Security as economic cancers on our society.  Both encourage the people to behave irresponsibly and to teach their children to do the same, JUST BECAUSE the nation has 85 million residents with such low intelligence that they cannot graduate from high school.  And that does not necessarily include borderline people who might graduate if properly reared and guided at home from birth.  A FOURTH of the US POPULATION gravitates to crime and welfare abuse to get by.  The RELATED socialized medicine and retirement systems have become monumentally burdensome on the balance of the population.  America spends trillions in aid and assistance (including liberation wars) to other nations with average intelligence in the 50’s to the 80’s.  How can America properly help foreign countries when its own people grow more stupid daily? 


We do well to remember that Socialism is a cancer because it overrides the good natures of individuals who help the deserving but downtrodden.  It forces everyone who has resources to give up those resources to people who don’t have them.  And it does not discriminate between the recipients who have genuine need from those who don’t.  It destroys the free-will aspect of giving, and it gives resources to the utterly undeserving, thereby encouraging many who could provide for themselves to become lazy and suck from the Fat Government Teat free.  It turns people into criminals.  And that makes it a cancer.

The Solution to the Cancer – Make the Cure Unnecessary

The SMART citizens of the USA MUST take some action to raise the average intelligence of the population.  ALL of our people should have the cognitive ability to graduate from high school, at the very least. To accomplish this, we need legislators who will write an IQ mandate into the Constitution as an amendment, and they must support it with appropriate legislation.  They must ultimately recognize and admit the intelligent has a genetic cause and therefore the best cure lies in genetic solutions. 


Furthermore, if “political correctness” has any meaning at all, it should mean that parents owe their children a good running start in life by procreating children with sufficient intelligence to graduate from high school.  Congress should mandate to the states that procreation of children with IQ below 86 is a crime if determinable prior to birth of the child.  And that means if the parents have IQ below 86, the child will most likely have an even lower IQ, and those parents should not procreate at all.


I suggest this:


1.       Temporary sterilization of all unmarried people – babies deserve and need a mother and a father at home to participate in rearing them at least to puberty.

2.      Temporary sterilization of all welfare recipients until they have become and remained self-sufficient for at least 5 years.

3.      Permanent sterilization of all seriously physically and mentally defective people and violent felons – mental defectives include people with Down Syndrome and IQ below 86.

4.      Encourage procreation of more people of average and high intelligence – through promotional advertising, mating services, and taxation and education advantages.

5.      Limit immigration to people of 115 and higher IQ.

Problems with the Suggestions

OF COURSE this raises all kinds of questions, like who defines “seriously physically and mentally defective” and how they define it.  This will cause calamitous dissent.  But so what?  The Emancipation proclamation and Civil Rights Acts raised the hackles of many when Government forced them on the nation’s people.  The people will get over it.


The overriding principle here boils down to recognizing the price of liberty:  responsibility - “eternal vigilance.”   We the People cannot behave so irresponsibly that we allow our fellows to procreate helpless children who, by that process, become so stupid, and remain so stupid throughout their lives, that they cannot compete for good mates and jobs, and cannot pursue the so-called American Dream unless others serve it to them on a silver platter.

Horrifying?  You’re Used to It, So… Get Over It

I realize that my “suggestions” in 1 through 5 above seem horrifying to some readers.  I remind those so horrified or aghast that the truth can always withstand honest investigation.  Some of you will complain that people have the right to procreate as they wish with whom they wish.  To that I say “prove it.”  All of society’s public safety laws throughout the USA show that yes, you have the right to travel, but not the right to endanger or injure others in the process.  All of the professional regulation laws and administrative enforcement and licensing groups control the behavior of practitioners to ensure they have competent knowledge and ability, and provide administrative remedies for those the practitioners injure.  So, We the People have well-established basis of my three suggestions in public safety and professional regulation laws, not to mention in civil rights, employment, labor relations, environment, and other laws.  All of us, as a community, city, county, state, and nation have approved and generally obey those laws and regulations.  So we can demand the implementation of the above suggestions to good effect.

Visualize a Brighter, More Productive Nation

Imagine the result of implementing the above suggestions.  The national average IQ will rise 15 to 20 points within 3 generations.  Invention and automation will skyrocket.  America will become the world’s center for advanced education in all fields.  The average standard of living with go up dramatically.  Ghettos will disappear.  Prison populations will diminish dramatically.  Virtually everyone will graduate from high school, and many more will graduate from college than now do. The health care burden will diminish. The quality of employees will rise greatly.  More people will become successful in business.  Entrepreneurism will increase.  Many of the nation’s infrastructures devoted to care for the poor will disappear or diminish.  Regulatory authorities will diminish.  And all the associated costs of regulation, imprisonment, control, and repair will go down because fewer people will cause problems for others and waste resources out of stupidity.  Fewer street crimes and muggings will occur, leaving traditional victims with more resources to pursue their dreams and ambitions.  And more people will decide to help others because they know they won’t thereby “cast their pearls before swine.”  Fewer wasted resources and higher value of productivity will cause a fantastic increase in Gross Domestic Product – America’s will become double that of the nearest competitor.


Now THAT would become the way to do Obamacare, if Obama really cared about anything but masses of feckless people sucking the Fat Government Teat dry while the able pay the tab.





Bob Hurt


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