Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh Yeah Sourdough

1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter I granulated 10 years ago and kept in a jar in the fridge. 
Took some out, fed it flour and water for a couple of days, got this frothy, bubbling spongy mess.

Mixed it in with a cup of oatmeal and 50/50 white bread flour with whole wheat flour.
Included a big heaping tablespoon of salt, some olive oil, and sugar. 

Formula:  200g sponge, 20g salt, 650g R/O water, 1000g flour
Got this big blob of dough going.  No kneading.  Just got all the ingredients wet.

Stretched and folded it every 45 minutes, 3 times.
Cut the blob into loaves and let it rise in bread pans for 3 hours.

Snipped a groove in the tops of the loaves with scissors.
Put those loaves in a cold oven and baked them 45 minutes at 375.
Fresh out of the oven, Piping hot at 199 degrees F.  Smelled up the whole house.
Lawdy Momma!  OH  Yeah!  Sourdough!

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