Friday, March 09, 2012

You ABC guys are such idiots

Regarding the Sovereign Citizen story by Dan Lieberman and Dan Harris of ABC NEWS here:



You implied that the story would not be a hatchet job. It’s a mirror of the cbs story, Dan, a hatchet job.


Either you lied to me our your handlers lied to you.  Even Diane Sawyer did a better job with the footage than you and Harris.


Regarding your centerpiece, a rerun of the cbs video on jerry kane, DO YOUR HOMEWORK:






These show that the cops doctored the video.


As I told you and said at that meeting, I have worked to dispel the patriot myths of hotheads like William Crowley.  You lumped me in with them and ignored everything I said.  You tried to make us all look like radicals.  You showed James Gray complaining about the handcuffs with no context, and Francis Knize with no context.


What planet are you from?  You came down trying to prove we are  a bunch of radicals, but never once hinted that OUR group wants to hold Government accountable for the crimes and malfeasance of its employees.


I feel SO disappointed in you and Harris and ABC.  You people are idiots who did not fairly represent the story.  I see you as operatives for the ADL and SPLC.  You are such idiots.



Bob Hurt


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