Friday, February 10, 2012

Patriot Computer Security

“Thugs” and “Mobsters” can come into your home and snatch your computer or copy your hard drive during your absence, undetected.  Information on your computer can lead them to other people with whom you communicate.  The thugs can read all your private info, and even find your passwords so they can sneak into your accounts and look at your correspondence without your detecting it. If the thugs get your passwords, they can stick viruses in your web sites and emails just to harass you and keep you busy with technical problems.  According to rumor, mobsters have suddenly locked numerous adverse possessors out of their houses and caused them to lose access to their computers.  Anyone could enter the house and steal the computers.


I recommend setting strict policies to hide your info from prying eyes of thugs and mobsters, especially if you have become a legal or political activist of some kind.  Also, if you host a politically sensitive web site, I encourage you to mirror it on an offshore server and register it is someone else’s name in case the thugs and mobsters get a court order for you to shut it down.



DON’T PICK STUPID PASSWORDS.  Make them 16 characters of mixed upper case, lower case, punctuation, and digit characters, and don’t spell out personal or family or pet or friend dates, addresses, phone numbers, etc.    DO NOT EVER TELL ANYONE YOUR PASSWORDS.


Consider these tools for keeping your data secure. free browser and antivirus tools with sandbox to try downloaded apps safely - encrypt a file or partition; nobody can decrypt it without your password and USB key

·         You can install windows on one partition and put all data files on a truecrypt partition, and dismount the truecrypt partition when you leave home or shut down.  VERY difficult to find or crack if you do it right. total erase of a file, its name, EVERYTHIng about it stores your passwords in the cloud gnu privacy guard – encrypts emails using public/private keys; free security certificates for document signing anonymous browsing provides total backup of your system in the cloud, annual fee another backup option, monthly or annual fee, 5G free. - download and burn the desktop version to a disk.  Then shutdown your computer and boot from the CD/DVD.  The UBUNTU operating system is linux, and it will boot up and let you install (don’t) or run live (DO).  This will give you a windows like user interface, very nice and clean and simple.  With it you can view all the files on your windows system.  NO VIRUSES.NO TROJANS.  Disk cannot be messed with,so you boot clean every time.  ABSOLUTELY SECURE, but still accesses internet.  You can umount your windows drives if you wish, very easily, to make them invisible to the system.


You can install and use the above software very fast with windows or ubuntu.  Ubuntu will let you move windows partition aside a little and create a small partition for booting ubuntu so you don’t have to boot from CD.  VERY FAST BOOT.  Virtually No viruses.


I have used UBUNTU a lot.  Stable and full of applications including office software.


If you use carbonite/ or ubuntu one, you can boot the ubuntu disk and back up your whole windows partition to the cloud so if your pc gets stolen, you still have everything in the cloud.



Professional snoopsters can eventually crack any security you set up.  Change your main passwords every month.  Become a randomly moving target as much as possible.  Unless you become a person of serious interest to you, they will probably NOT use a supercomputer to crack your passwords by brute force, so the above tools should work well for you.


My advice to any who want it (if you don’t want it, ignore this):


Keep your nose clean, stay out of harm’s way, don’t commit crimes or do illegal activities. Obey constitutional laws. Become and remain a righteous, noble human being, devoted to the pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness. Learn the law and become disposed to using it for solving problems that you cannot negotiate away.  Associate with good people, not hoodlums, crooks, patriot myth mongers, people trying to skirt the law, ne-er-do-wells.  Develop a majestic and well balanced personality. Then, thugs will generally leave you alone.






WARNING:  I do NOT function as  law practitioner, lawyer, licensed attorney-at-law, or legal advisor.  Construe my comments ONLY as speculation or general information, and NOT as legal advice for you or anyone else.  Consult a well-qualified attorney (good luck finding one) in all questions of legality or law.


Bob Hurt

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