Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Parris Sneers at at the corrupt jackasses of Africa

I write in response to Matthew Parris’ 2 July 2005 opinion article “We must all sneer and scoff at the corrupt, cruel jackasses of Africa” at http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,1065-1677350_1,00.html.

Parris said “A ruling class of greedy men, sheltered by a popular culture of gawping passivity in the face of political swagger, is suffocating the people of Africa and neither tears nor money nor rock music should be our first response. Rage, not rock, is called for…. “Governance” does not need to be created, but reformed, and there are men and women there capable of doing it.”
He could have said the same of America. And he should have. Here’s why.

Africa’s problem is almost identical to that of IberoAmerica – a ruling class dominates and almost everyone else is in poverty. Almost means it’s worse in Africa, and if it weren’t for the fact that Amerindian and Mestizo anti-apartheid outrage have not yet managed to overthrow their ruling class of whites or near whites they so fervently hate, it would be much worse than it is.

Unfortunately for Africa, white governance there is nearly ancient history, and that is its problem, thanks to the politically correct liberal elitists of America pressuring the government of South Africa into dropping apartheid practices that made the country a decent place to live and work.

The root of the African problem is one of IQ, a reality that Parris conveniently ignores. According to the book IQ and the Wealth of Nations, the average IQ of African Blacks is 70. American psychometrists consider that to be the upper boundary of “moron.” Thanks to American culture, food, education, and genetic enrichment of the Black race, to the extent American Blacks have availed themselves of it, the average IQ of American Blacks is 85, a full standard deviation higher, but still a full standard deviation lower than the average American Caucasian IQ of 100. Only 16% of American Blacks have an IQ as high as 100. It is no wonder they cannot compete for the better jobs and better mates in America. Were they transported from America to the land of their ancestry, they might actually come to dominate their relatively stupid cousins who are African natives.

However, I doubt it.

Because of their low-IQ, Black people always have been, are now, and always will be pathetically miserable at self-government. Any self-government they evolve without the help of White, Indian, or Oriental overlords will be corrupt, brutal, and a miscarriage of justice. That is because the people are too stupid to build social and economic infrastructure that enable them to earn decent livings. So they live in poverty, and as in America, many resort to crime in order to get by. Unfortunately for most of them, and unlike in America, there is no monthly welfare check for impoverished African Blacks. For this reason, they elect only corrupt politicians, if they elect any at all, politicians who promise them a hand-out. Sound familiar? Sound anything like the government of Arkansas, Mississippi, the USA, or the UK?

Parris conjectures “there are men and women there capable of doing it.”

Really? So what? Most Black African natives who actually are smart enough to rule (and there are so few) have a political axe to grind or their personal pockets to line with public money. They might be capable, but they are systemically corrupt. That is a direct result of having a population of low IQ. When the stupid are allowed to vote, they always vote for stupid things. Parris would do well to remember that Intelligence Quotient is the measure of one’s ability to solve problems. Problems are solved by making wise choices and then acting on them wisely. Africa’s average IQ of 70 prevents both wise choices and wise actions unless people of high IQ rule without regard to the choices of the low-IQ public.

Parris suggests “Governance… be… reformed.”

In Africa? Fat chance. Stupid people cannot possibly evolve a superior civilization. As proven by the lesson of South Africa, Rhodesia, and the Belgian Congo, stupid people, handed the elements of a superior civilization, will trample those elements underfoot and strive to eliminate their benefactors. Given a decent city to live in, Blacks will quickly concentrate into an area and convert it into a ghetto, then into a drug-infested, crime-ridden war zone in which the major victims are Black. This is just as true of Compton and East Los Angeles, California, as it is of Soweto in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Parris is right, though. We should have no more pity for Africa, no more than we should have for the stupid and lazy of America or England who threaten riot an mayhem if the government doesn’t give them handouts.

Of course, you can rightly ask “Who is ‘we’?” It’s not me and you. It’s the demagogue politicians who are only so glad to rob from the rich so as to give to the poor and thereby buy votes. That is because America has established a kind of republic that values the vote of a stupid and ignorant welfare recipient as the equal of a Nobel laureate, Army General, or Fortune 500 Chairman of the Board. Actually, it is because America allows the indigent and those on the dole to vote at all.

In most of Africa, however, that doesn’t matter at all. As Josef Stalin so ably clarified, “It’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.” You don’t need to guess who counts them in Africa.


Bob Hurt

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