Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Cost of Illegal Immigration

Executive Summary
The USA is facing a Civilizational Crisis in the unchecked importation of illegal immigrants. This article explains how many lack the intelligence to compete for good jobs and therefore resort to crime and welfare abuse to get by. It shows how dependence on cheap immigrant labor discourages the production of machines and supporting infrastructure that keeps our civilization alive and prosperous.

How Illegal Immigration is Threatening the Survival of our Civilization

The Social Cost of Illegal Immigrants
When considering an illegal immigrant for employment (such as your housekeeper), recall that a 1997 National Academy of Sciences study found that an immigrant with less than a high school education will on average cost the taxpayers $100,000 more in government spending over her lifetime than she will pay in taxes.

You might also think about that when you are being pressured to increase the minimum wage.

To some people’s thinking, upping the minimum wage is necessary because it makes unnecessary the above-mentioned $100,000 spent by the government in support of the unschooled illegal immigrant (via medical services, welfare, education, and imprisonment cost for the criminals among them).

While we’re at it, let’s not forget that if the illegal immigrants were not here in the USA, they wouldn’t be taking Americans’ jobs. That means Americans would have to do them, and since Americans are spoiled into thinking they deserve higher wages that such jobs are now worth, employers would have to pay higher wages to get the jobs done, thereby making such jobs more valuable.

Then, more low-wage Americans will be clamoring for them, and no minimum wage laws would be necessary. It serves us well to remember that minimum wage laws were made necessary by the huge influx of illegal immigrants from south of the border.

The Impact of Low IQ
Let’s also not forget that the average IQ of Mexicans is 87. That’s just two points above the average IQ of American Negroes, putting Mexicans and Negroes in virtually the same category of intelligence, or ability to solve problems. Their general lack of ability to solve life’s problems results in their general inability to earn a high school diploma. Fifty (50)% of black American children fail to graduate from high school. Mexicans do a little, but not much, better.

Where do they go from there, if not to the lowest paying jobs? The US Government’s 2000 census gives a hint. 7% of the black population (and 10% of black males) is incarcerated at any given time. Non-whites comprise about 60% of the prison populations, in spite of being less than 35% of the population. And guess who foots the bill for this. Illegal immigrants?

No way, José.

With the current mollycoddling attitude about illegal immigration in Washington, I don’t see illegal immigration from south of the border shrinking any time soon. Meanwhile, thousands of illegal immigrants enter the USA every day. Those who cannot or will not get illegal jobs (yes, it is illegal to hire illegal aliens) resort to crime or welfare abuse.

Moreover, the low IQ problem is getting worse because of the imbalanced rates of procreativity between low-IQ groups and high-IQ groups. Blacks and Mexicans in America procreate at upwards of 4 children per family, while the more intelligent Northeastern Orientals and Caucasians procreate at less than 2 children per family. According to UN statistics, a procreation rate of 2.7 children per family is necessary to perpetuate a racial group.

With this decline of the brain trust of America, where will we get our future geniuses of finance, business, medicine, industry, science, and education? From a burgeoning gene pool that has an average IQ in the middle 80’s?

No way, José. If this trend does not get reversed, such as by limiting the prerogatives of procreation of lower IQ people, American civilization is doomed to become like those of Mexico or Central Africa. That is not a bright future.

The Impact of Immigrant Labor on Industrial Progress

One lesson of history since the start of the Industrial Revolution 250 years ago is that countries don't advance economically by importing unskilled workers to "do the jobs that natives won't do," but by substituting machines for human labor.

For example, because the Roman Empire exploited countless slaves conquered in foreign wars, it lacked incentives to increase labor efficiency through mechanization. Productivity never took off, and eventually the civilization collapsed into poverty.

In contrast, Britain, which, until the second half of the 20th Century, had far more emigrants than immigrants, had the right incentives for an Industrial Revolution.

And now the Japanese have become obsessed with the promise of robots. In part, this is because the Japanese think their mountainous islands are quite crowded enough without admitting millions of immigrants. Japanese officials recently compiled a report predicting that every household in Japan will own a robot by 2015.

In contrast, the US has largely abandoned a commitment to higher productivity and labor savings, and has instead begun sending manufacturing jobs to China and white collar jobs to India and the Philippines, while illegally importing millions of uneducated workers to perform rudimentary service jobs here.

For example, although previous generations of Americans had vastly increased the productivity of workers on Midwestern grain farms, efforts to mechanize California fruit and vegetable farms were largely abandoned over five years ago, because immigrants were cheaper … to the corporate farmer, although not to the country.

It’s true that robotics have not taken America by storm as Robert Heinlein predicted in his 1957 novel The Door into Summer. He assumed cheap labor would go the way of the mastodon. He did not predict the disastrous effect of the 1965 Immigration Act that made it more economical to use immigrant labor than to develop robotic machines.

Summary: Gloom and Doom
The picture of the future is clear. Because of our obsession with illegally importing cheap labor and our refusal to regulate procreation of lower IQ people, we are dooming the USA to and its civilization to extinction. It will take a wise president indeed to reverse these stultifying trends. I don’t think such a critter exists in among Democrats and Republicans.

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