Saturday, August 18, 2018

Mark Stopa Foreclosure Pretense Defense Law Practice Shut Down for Crookedness

Look at this mess.  Florida Foreclosure Pretense Defense Attorney Mark Stopa loses his bar license, and a well-intentioned attorney takes over his business.  The below email had an attached letter that includes the Florida Supremes' order suspending Stopa from the practice of law and says his law firm has been dissolved.

That attorney called me on 21 September 2018 to tell me that he found the Stopa law practice in such a mess that he decided to shut it down for good, and that he hoped Stopa's foreclosure victim client base would reach out to me for help.

Right:  Mark Stopa getting hammered in court for bad behavior.

See the below email message that the well-intentioned attorney sent to Stopa's actual and intended victims in an effort to recruit them as clients.

Now it's time for a little honesty.  Mark Stopa and thousands of attorneys like him deserve censure and public humiliation because of their horrific record of cheating their desperate foreclosure victim clients out of money and an honest advocacy.  Such attorneys have built their practice on pretending to defend clients against foreclosure, but without doing any research to discover precisely who injured the clients in the loan transaction and how the injuries happened. 

If they had done honest research, they would have discovered that upwards of 90% of home loan borrowers have suffered appraisal fraud, mortgage fraud, contract breaches, regulatory violations, legal errors in their documents, servicing abuse, and/or legal malpractice by the attorneys they hired to help save their home.

Even the attorney taking over Stopa's failed practice thought he could help keep foreclosure victims IN their homes.

But, he concluded that he can't keep the clients in their homes.  He could only do what Stopa did - delay the client's loss of the home while charging absurd annual and/or monthly fees for the hand-holding until the inevitable foreclosure final judgment and sale of the home occurs.

Unless the practitioner PROVES someone involved in the loan transaction or associated activities INJURED the borrower who faces foreclosure for breaching the note, then the vast majority of such borrowers will lose their homes to foreclosure, and the pretender defender attorney will merely delay the process while bilking the foreclosure victim out of monthly payments for the privilege.
The attorney who does that generally commits legal malpractice for failing to investigate the loan transaction to find out how the borrower got injured.

For more information on the right way to attack the validity of the loan, see

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From: Help
Date: Fri, Aug 17, 2018, 12:55 PM
Subject: Important Time Sensitive Message f/k/a Stopa Law Firm

Dear Client,

Attached is an important letter concerning your case with Stopa Law Firm, P.A.

Please review attached letter and stipulation.

It is important that you respond.  

We thank you for your attention to this matter.