Friday, October 27, 2017

How the Bitcoin Trading Platform Partner System Works

Bitcoin Trading Platform

How the Platform Partner System Works

Registration.  Register FREE under a Platform partner to become a partner, then set up your account, and a bitcoin wallet account.  There is no purchase requirement and no cost whatsoever for this earning opportunity.

Packages. Then buy any number of Platform Opportunity Packages at €50 (about $60) each.  Then, the company pays you back about 1% (between .75% and 1.25%) per business day in bitcoin, a payout of 100% of your cost in about 20 weeks and your profit earnings of 40% in about 8 additional weeks.  You may take your payout in bitcoin whenever you like, or use it to purchase additional packages to compound your earnings.

Software.  The Platform company developed their own automated currency trading software and uses it to build wealth.  You may purchase it for €600 if you want to do your own currency trades.

Commissions. The Platform adds to your bitcoin account any commissions you earn on purchases of packages by partners in your downline 12 levels deep. Level 1 contains partners who registered directly under you, level 2 contains partners who registered under your Level 1 partners, and so on.  You earn 10% for Level 1 purchases.  Once three Level 1 partners have purchased 12 packages, you earn 3% commission for purchases by Level 2 and 3 partners.  Once three Level 1 partners have purchased 25 packages, you earn 3% for Level 4-8 purchases and 1% for Level 9-12 purchases.

Partner Earns…
on purchases by Level
Level 1 Minimum Purchase Requirement
2, 3
12 packages by 3 partners
4, 5, 6, 7, 8
25 packages by 3 partners, possibly the same partners as above
9, 10, 11, 12

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